Final Fantasy XIII will feature Sixaxis support

Also that Toriyama promised some surprises for the celebration of Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary this year, as well as a chance to get our hands on Final Fantasy XIII as soon as possible. The first 20th anniversary surprise came recently with the announcement of the Final Fantasy 1 and 2 remakes for the PSP. Let's hope the second part of Toriyama's promise isn't too far off.

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power of Green 5427d ago

COOL!!!. J/K. Sixaxis seems like a rushed BULLSHIT "IF COMMERCAIL" gimmick(three easy payments)and if you buy now you get this motion sensing feature. It's Wiidiculous!.

specialguest5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )!

power of Green 5427d ago

Maybe Omar's right!, Sony leaning fans or fans always have to get personal. lol I really think Tilt's corny, I couldn't picture my company and I playing in such a ridiculous manner just don't respond to my post it's sad that you have to paint fictional realalities about me. You make yourself look foolish and childish.

"Green boy is so jealous and insecure", what ever you say kid, I would be angry if MS went down that road; i made fun of Totem Ball for the 360 it was a gimmicky response to Sony and Nintendo. Please do not respond to my post ever again you got me all wrong.

Genki5427d ago

Motion sensing, just like analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and force feedback, is here to stay. Whine and cry about it all you want, but I'd bet a dime to a dollar that some form of motion sensing will be in the next iteration of the XBox, and you can quote me on that in 4 or 5 years.

It's safe to say that there is no game that uses EVERY function of controller. The face buttons are probably all that's been used in every game to date, but som titles don't utilize analogs or shoulder buttons as standard, and you shouldn't expect every single game to utilize motion sensing, that's just naive. Do you use forks to slice raw meat? I rest my case.

Harry5424d ago

I'm afraid Force feedback isn't here to stay. Some company is keeping the patent for themselves.

Also Motion sensing in the PS3 controler was just a cheap shot at Nintendo like the old Analog sticks.

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Lex Luthor5426d ago

Motion sensing in a turn based RPG is retarded.

power of Green 5426d ago

Basiclly your opinion is why i took the time to comment. I think what you said is the best way to put it, well said!.

the_bebop5425d ago

FFVSXIII is not going to be a turn based RPG it is going to be Action Adventure RPG.

nice_cuppa5425d ago

i cant remember what it was called though.
its true though i had one.

can anyone remember what it was called ?

Annihilator5425d ago

Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro Game Pad ??
OMG ! that one sucked !!

nice_cuppa5425d ago

it was ok for driving games......ish.
and flight sims. msfs was ok.
crap for everything else.

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