Most Stressful Moments in Gaming

Mrs Nesbitt from NerdHub writes: "Video games are meant to soothe us and entertain us, however, there are many that simply do not. Whether it’s a singular moment that truly grates you or just the game in general that can really raise your cortisol levels. There are moments where you simply hold your breath, grit your teeth whilst trying to beat the same part over and over or you’re just trying to get used to the game’s mechanics"

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Maple22614d ago

I always had to do the boulder/being chased levels in Crash Bandicoot! Probably my fave levels to be honest, I think I work well under pressure!!

mattwlj614d ago

Ah the witch! I loved L4D but I always end up on a team with someone who loves shooting them. Not stressful but annoying as hell!

Flatty93614d ago

Never finished Resident Evil Remake because of crimson heads. Half the time I run out of fuel to burn bodies with and the other half I just forget where I've left them so they always end up getting me :s

chrisx614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

No mention of being chased by the dahaka in prince of persia 2? The whole water temple in zelda ocarina of time is a stress. Flashblack and power rangers the movie on Snes were stress filled also lol

MrsNesbitt614d ago

Probably a ton more I could have included :) Dahaka completely slipped my mind! And I reckon the whole of the first Devil May Cry was pretty stressful

614d ago
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