Call of duty - World at war Beta FAQs

We know you have a ton of questions about the upcoming CoD: WW Beta, so we put together a quick FAQ on the Xbox 360 Beta. Stay tuned, we're in the process of developing a much more in-depth FAQ on the PC and Xbox 360 Betas.

QUESTION: What is the CoD: WW Xbox 360 Beta?
ANSWER: Treyarch is recruiting dedicated Call of Duty fans of to help test Call of Duty: World at War's performance from a gameplay and backend standpoint. Feedback and performance data from this Beta will be instrumental in ensuring CoD: WW's success from Day One! This Beta will have a limited space so make sure you get your name in the hat to get a token!

QUESTION: Will there be a PS3 beta? If not, why?
ANSWER: No, there won't be a PS3 beta. The Xbox 360 and PC environments will provide the feedback that we need to make any back-end technical modifications to the co-op and multiplayer features, which means an optimized experience for everyone, independent of the console they own.

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garypaytonglove5488d ago

But thankfully there are 7 billion quality games coming out in October so I wouldn't have time for the Beta anyways. I still feel jilted...

Overr8ed5488d ago (Edited 5488d ago )

No PS3 Beta since we are already drowning in them. Socom Beta, LBP Beta, R2 Beta. Anymore reason why to have an other Beta?
BTW by the time the CoD5 beta is out the ps3 would be have a lot of AAA games.

shye5488d ago

Im busy with the LBP and soon the R2 Beta, but i cant sit back and lie and say i dont wanna play the COD: WW beta as well. Im curious to see how it plays for myself, the gameplay video's can only do so much..

Lucas225488d ago

hard choice this October, November for me

Far Cry 2

Resistance 2

Call of duty Waw

outlawlife5488d ago (Edited 5488d ago )

not really a tough one...far cry or resistance most definitely

cod:waw isn't going to be anythign like those games
it'll be average at best

tocrazed4you5488d ago

YOU GUYS FORGOT KILLZONE 2 BETA which is coming in october HAHAHAHA

tocrazed4you5488d ago

Who needs it? We have our first party/ second party help. R2 beta, socom beta, lbp beta, and next month KILLZONE 2 BETA so take this and shove it up your beapppppppppppppppppppppppp cause we don't need it. Oh and for capcom about saying we can't have a beta and it won't work IN YOUR BEAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP FACES

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65 Year Old Gamer Racks Up Ridiculous Stats After Playing 1 Game for 15 Years

A very devoted fan of Call of Duty: World at War racks up incredible in-game stats while playing regularly for the past 15 years.

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franwex90d ago

Well, he definitely got his money’s worth.

Abnor_Mal90d ago

Same as Shirley Curry playing Skyrim for years. In the next Elders Scrolls game they should have her in the game as some form of npc.

andy8590d ago

She is, I read she will be a character. Not a dig in any form but I hope she's alive when it releases