Far Cry 3 Is Running Incredible On Xbox One, Solid 30FPS; One Of The Best Running Xbox 360 Games Yet

ThisGenGaming says "Check out the differences between playing Far Cry 3 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It's one of the biggest and best upgrades since the service launched."

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TranceHop 598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

I already bought a new copy of Far Cry 3 for $13 on amazon; can't wait to play it without screen tearing & with my Elite controller. Far Cry 3 is the best Far Cry Game ever made

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nX597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

Wow 30fps for Far Cry 3, Xbox One is really incredible. I would be so glad if I could experience this now instead of all these overrated PS4 and Nintendo exclusives!

Ahh I forgot, already played Far Cry 3 on my mediocre PC with mods and 120fps.... 3 years ago.

sonarus597d ago

I guess maybe if I had an XBox one the idea of playing older games from the past generation would appeal more but some of us still have our old consoles and just like I don't have desire to replay far cry on 360 I don't have desire to play it on xone.

TWB597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

I prefer the second one before they just made the open world a amusement park, BUT the FC2 also did have its fair share of problems.

I really hope they could find a decent middle ground, and refresh the formula again.

Trekster_Gamer597d ago

The original was ok but they have come so far since 2003. I loved the original but Farcry 3 made it forgettable...

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LackTrue4K598d ago

""Can't Wait"

To play a 2012 release game ...??

The game is good, not dissing the game, just you're bad logic.

Paytaa598d ago

Since when do games have an expiration date?

JasonKCK597d ago

"Since when do games have an expiration date?"

For him the moment BC was announced for free.

1908-PB597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

Onyoursisterback----- you must know some thing don't because the last time I checked​ games don't come with expiration dates or are you pissed you can't enjoy the same game.

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LackTrue4K597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

Don't worry about me, I played this years back. It's a good game you shouldn't wait this long to play good games.
What's up with them " expiration date" It's not milk.
Instead of trying to impress the people here with these old games. Get online and look for them strategy guides.
Then hit us up with how great the game is.
Cuz if this game is new to you, you have less to talk about it.

JasonKCK597d ago

dilbig5 Yeah uh... free... as in free.

It cost absolutely no money for backwards compatibly, none, zip, zilch, nada. You might be confusing it with that other subscription service that recently hit PC.

mikeslemonade597d ago

Yes games do expire. You compromising your experience for waiting. Try playing Uncharted 2 now, God of war 2, RE4, FF7, ocarina... The effect isn't the same since games improve in many elements overtime. What was groundbreaking back then is a Standard in many games today.

Nice try Xbox 720p.. Actually your not trying if your top headline is being able to play a last gen game that was trash to me last gen already.

mikeslemonade597d ago


I'm sorry your so less fortunate but I can spare money to play games lol

I don't have to wait 7 years to play a game that is mediocre to me back then.

ClickbaitAF597d ago

A game from 2012 is better than 95% of the games that are out now, must really say something about this gen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Malacath597d ago

You're the one with the bad logic.

Being an old game does not make it crap.

I own both an Xbox One and PS4 and own a lot of games for both including most exclusives and with all that choice I still play a lot of 360 games.

dilbig5597d ago (Edited 597d ago )


Clearly not if he had to spend $13 to use BC. That's the downside of having BC. You have to buy the games if you don't already have them. The service is "free" but the games are not. That guy spending $13 on one game that might take a week or two to beat on Xbox depending on his play style compared to almost 500 games for one month for $7 more.
But people only think, "Oh damn. BC on Xbox one that I can play my old games on?" But they hardly release games people actually want or even had to begin with. "Spend money for free"

mikeslemonade597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

The game is free on PC as well and to own.. *wink wink*

I'm sorry half of you guys here are on food stamps, welfare, and Salvation Army internet speed.

Last gen 2012 is not better. You subtract 8 points per generation off the meta score. If you just took the face value of the game's meta then ocarina of time would be a better game than every game this year.

Trekster_Gamer597d ago

All the dissing and disagrees are jealous fanboys. If they could play it on there console they would sound like whiny little girls..

JasonKCK597d ago

@dilbig5 "The service is "free" but the games are not"

Thank you for proving my point. I said BC was free not the games. Next time wear a helmet.

mozzie597d ago

dude far cry 3 was awesome easily in my top 5! luckily i haven't sold my copy of FC3 so yea, can't wait to play it again as well!

dilbig5597d ago (Edited 597d ago )


That's why I said "free". The service is only technically free if you own the game, which guy in the main comment did not. Doesn't help that most games on BC are games not wanted or games nobody had to begin with. So spend money on old games to play for "free" on a newer console.

Also why BC is only a technical "user based subscription service", if you actually think about it. You are literally (main comment) only buying the game (not made for that console) to play it on a newer console for a period of time, unless you plan on playing it the entires time you have said console. "User based pricing" because some may have that game but some (most according to sales figures of other games) may not. Others spend more money to play game using BC while some may not pay much if any at all because they already have it. Only difference between that, psnow, that new Xbox game thing, and stuff like gamefly is that you keep the game or sell it.
Ex: Ps Now is $20 a month. You get ~500 choices of games. Nobody is going to or even want to play that many games in a month, but you have that choice. Using that guy's purchase, spend $7 less on ONE game he keeps/sells. Which would you want?

mikeslemonade596d ago

You assume we would play it and be happy with F3 if it was on "our" system.

Nah I don't play last gen trash. I've played all the last gen games I've wanted years ago.

Especially offline shooter game not named Prey, Bioshock, Half life, wolfenstein is probably not even worth playing.

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Bigpappy598d ago

I never played it, so this is sweet for me.

rockwhynot597d ago

@Payta Since the word old started carrying such a negative connotation.

rockwhynot597d ago

Since the word old started carrying such a heavy negative connotation

YAO-BLING597d ago

so we're getting hyped to play old games on our new gen systems now are we? lol... have fun i guess.

Major_Glitch597d ago

What is it with Xbox owners and playing old games? Guess if I had their lackluster library of exclusives I'd be FORCED to play old games too.

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AspiringProGenji598d ago

Ah. The game I would call sick to work and skip college to stay immersed in this island back in 2013. Amazing game! Every time I try to go back to it it just feels rough to play on PS3 and stop playing not long after the amazing opening.

Next_gen_2015598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

I actually gave up playing it on ps3. The screentearing and framerate didnt do it justice.

AspiringProGenji598d ago

I played it on PS3 back then and had no problem with it. It is just hard to tolerate now after I made the jump to PS4. I'm sure FC3 will be the very first game if I ever get a chance to get a PC

snoopgg597d ago

Played it on ps3 without problems. It was good, but wouldn't play it again.

vickers500597d ago

I gave up after going to the second island. Once the crazy villain was dead I had no interest in continuing.

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Deep-throat598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

The game was unplayable on consoles...

DiceAndRice598d ago

Thankfully the Xbox One made it very playable again.

Nyxus598d ago

Strange, I remember playing it on the Xbox 360.

Bigpappy598d ago

There was a problem with the PS3 version. Was the case with many big 3rd party games.

gninja92597d ago

Yeah, it was fine, i dont understand what all the hate is for.
Plus its online was a massively underrated gem.

PhantomTommy598d ago

I wouldn't go that far, but I get where you're coming from. It really struggles to maintain 30fps and that's with constant screen tearing. Really horrible performance on console but the game was so damn good that I could overlook it.

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Frinker597d ago

I tried going back and playing on PS3 for a trophy and the performance was awful.

stefan_771597d ago

I've played this many times on PS3 with no issues

Malacath597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

How was it unplayable?

I played it and completed it on ps3 and bought it again on 360 when my ps3 died. Game was perfectly playable on both consoles

Liqu1d597d ago

You don't know what unplayable is.

Trekster_Gamer597d ago

You obviously never played it on a console... Troll

Deep-throat597d ago

Yes, I didn't. But I watched Digital Foundry's comparison videos back in 2012...

Anything less than 30fps is a mess for a someone like me.

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annoyedgamer598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

I had a good PC to play this on thankfully. Last good Far Cry game despite the hideous downgrade.

Glak18597d ago

I love the down votes!

Even though Far Cry 3 has been as cheap as $3 on PC for many years, performance is better than either console and looks better.

Malacath597d ago

Depends on your PC. A lot of PC gamers seem to forget that just because a game plays well on their own PC it will play crap on others. Too many hardware variations out there.

A good PC capable of playing the latest games with decent graphics costs a lot more than a console. You could build one yourself for cheaper but lets face it the vast majority of gamers are clueless when it comes to computers.

1908-PB597d ago

Malacath---- nope that's false I would like for you to stop spreading miss information now watch this and inform your self

specialguest597d ago (Edited 597d ago )


You're clueless man. You don't have to be a PC enthusiast to build your own PC gaming rig. Your perspective of PC gaming is very dated. This isn't the 90s or 2000s. I built my first gaming PC from simple Youtube How-To step by step videos, and did a google search on other details. It's as easy as inserting the parts in its slot(impossible to mess this part up) and plugging in the cables where they're supposed to go.

In addition, the initial cost of building a PC may cost a lot more than a console, but several years after that when you're ready to upgrade, all you need is a better GPU which cost the same as a console, but blows it out of the water in terms of performance.

TheColbertinator598d ago

Runs much better than the PS3 version

Gman32598d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheColbertinator598d ago

I have one. I have a PS3 and an Xbox One too. I have all three.