A Political Conversation with Ken Levine (Creator of BioShock)

Ken Levine is one of the greatest and most famous writers and game designers in video game industry. His BioShock series deal with a lot of political subjects and he has interesting opinions about his surroundings. In his recent interview with an Iranian media, he talks about politics, philosophy and his way of creating games.

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opinionated565d ago

I respect the political writing as well. He's everywhere. Here's another interview at something called rezzed and mentions the new game and studio.

New game starts around the 15 minute mark. His next game basically a beefed up version of the nemesis system in shadows of Mordor. A dynamic narrative built into the nemesis system which he calls "limited and rudimentary". Not as an insult but to describe how ambitious the system is. Hopefully these pop ups means an e3 presence.