The 10 Highest Selling PC Games of All Time

Sales aren’t everything and the success of a game can’t always be measured by the numbers. However, massive sales generally indicate a good game. We took our incredibly deep college research experience (Google rocks) and tried to find the best selling PC games of all time.

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Sciurus_vulgaris666d ago

I don't think this list is accurate.

Fishy Fingers666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Seems the author agreed with you:

"Depending on where you find information, the numbers can varying quite a bit, as well as the ones that duke it out for the top 10 slots".

Wiki paints a vastly different picture

Even Gary's Mod etc is over 10m.

666d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris666d ago

Then he shouldn't have wrote an article titled "The 10 Highest Selling PC Games of All Time".


It's not... The first and most obvious flaw is that at its highest point of popularity Wow had 12 million subscribers but the list says less than 7 million copies sold.

AcidDvl666d ago

Lmao, didn't WOW had like 12 millions active players at one time?

And the best selling Sims was 2.

666d ago
Dan_scruggs666d ago (Edited 665d ago )

"Diablo 3 has just past 30 million in sales"
AUG 5, 2015

30 million. 2 years ago. That is more than every Uncharted game... Combined.
Just let that sink in for a minute.

freshslicepizza665d ago

and people think online enabled games don't curb piracy.

Razzer665d ago

Sink in? Is this supposed to be surprising?

jacob_roachge665d ago

Hey guys. The numbers were from Statista, which is much more accurate than Wikipedia. I don't make them up. These are the best selling boxed PC games of all time and the units that were sold worldwide as of January 2017. All of that was mentioned in the article. Thanks for checking it out.

xwabbit665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

I think you should of used steamspy(for at least steam only games), cs:go almost has 28 mil

Razzer665d ago

They are only counting physical sales.

Razzer665d ago

Retail sales? Of PC games? LOL

Amorist89665d ago

The number 1 spot genuinely surprised me, especially as it was cross platform.

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