Long-Lost Version of NBA Jam May Surface Soon

C'mon and slam! The original version of SNES Classic NBA Jam may still exist, according to Mark Turmell, the game's creator.

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Tetsujin664d ago

I like the original on SNES, but the Genesis version of T.E. smoked it. But really it's one of the best sports games I ever played.

BillytheBarbarian663d ago

The Snes version was missing the music and most of the commentary. Genesis TE was the good one.

Becuzisaid663d ago

I accidentally downloaded a rom for NBA Jam recently. Except it was apparently a modded "uncensored" version. I was in stitches when the commentator was like "No F***ING Way!" when I tomahawked it in.

Derekvinyard13663d ago

Link please !! I need to hear this

Becuzisaid663d ago

Not sure this is the same mod I had, but you'll get the idea.

663d ago