10 Underrated PS2 Games That Deserved More Love

They could have been the best... if they had been given a chance.

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Godmars290597d ago

And my issue with bringing back such games is that they'll forego their basic mechanics. Turn based RPGs made into real time action games or faux MMOs.

deathtok597d ago

Suikoden III is a classic! I played through and unlocked all 120 or so characters. I've been meaning to play IV and V all these years later...

Feriku597d ago

So happy to see Wild Arms 3 mentioned. It's one of my favorite JRPGs.

Nintenzo596d ago

Hajime no ippo: victorious road

Chevalier596d ago

Ippo is such an amazing game. Amazing manga and anime as well! Makes me want to play both Ippo games again. The PS2 ones were so amazing. The Wii version was so awful in comparison.

Nintenzo596d ago

Yeah the wii game was hot garbage. There was 2 hajime no ippo games for the PS2 but there was a 3rd only released in Japan. VICTORIOUS ROAD. This version lets you create a boxer from scratch then delve into an extensive career mode where you can move weights, set your diet, choose your training and even develop special moves you see in the regular roster and much more. Such a gem of a game and probably the greatest boxing game ever

Fist4achin596d ago

I also loved Black, Wipeout 3, and Killzone. I thought these were all underappreciated as well.

Abnor_Mal596d ago

Many poeple seem not to like the very frist Killzone for some reason, okay granted it didn't look all that great but i was a great game nonetheless. I'm going to replay it soon and play through Hakka, Rico and the shadow marshall (forgot her name at the moment) parts on ps3. Black was a game that got the guns and sounds right, was light on the distruction but was a great shooter. Would love a remake of this game just as it was back in the PS2 days its another game that I played so many times. I remember when ending Black for the first time after the hectic shootout my hands were shaking a bit I was so ampped. Good times, good times.

Fist4achin596d ago

Yes, that last scene in black was intense. It took me a few tries and when you finally did get it, it was like, what happened, did I really finish it, whew...

Definitely some good times. Good to hear from others who enjoy some good occasional nostalgia!

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The story is too old to be commented.