David Jaffe: '10 Years from Now, One Console'

On a recent visit to SCEA San Diego to see David Jaffe's Calling All Cars for The 1UP Show, after talking about calling all cars, the outspoken developer talked about the game industry, Sony's first party and concerns he has with all three of the platform holders strategies

Juevani6102d ago

''Dreamcasted the 360'' amen brotha

PS3 Ultimate6101d ago

And that 1 will BE, The PLAYSTATION 3! 1 future. 1 world, 1 console. #1 The PLAYSTATION 3!

THAMMER16102d ago (Edited 6102d ago )

^^^He worships SONY.

On topic:
Article rules. You should watch the video. Sweet

Shadow Flare6102d ago

I'm not gonna butter up this comment with my thoughts, just watch the video. It's great

nice_cuppa6102d ago

what ever makes the sony fanboys happy.

The great Me6102d ago

...did the 360, "Xbox" the PS3? Wrap your head around the similarities there and then decide which is really more likely.

THAMMER16101d ago (Edited 6101d ago )

Because I think your 100% correct. The 360 has Xboxed the PS3. Becuase the PS3 is not going to fade away but it will be available to those who have a taste for it. JUST LIKE THE X1.

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