Top Ten 3D Sonic Games

Phil writes, "Sonic the Hedgehog's newest 3D entry, Sonic Forces, had debut footage last week at a SXSW panel. With the prospect of a new Sonic coming fresh in my mind, it seemed like an opportune time as any to take a look at past 3D Sonic games with a special SuperPhillip Central top ten list. Sonic the Hedgehog has had it rougher than most franchises trying to transition from 2D to 3D. Some of his attempts were quite good. Others? Not so much. This list details some of his best and brightest as well as some of his worst and wackiest."

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FallenAngel1984578d ago

I hope Sega consistently produces quality 3D Sonic games moving forward. There's no reason to release polarizing entrees anymore when you already have a proven structure

SegaGamer577d ago

It's their side projects that get the most criticism. Maybe it's time SEGA either abandoned the side projects or made fewer of them. Just stick to the main series line and release the odd side project game every now and again.

Rebel_Scum578d ago

There has never been a good 3d Sonic game. How the heck did they manage 10!?

Here's mine in order:

FullmetalRoyale577d ago

That made me laugh. I love Sonic Adventure 2, but it is a really flawed game. Still love it, though!

FullmetalRoyale577d ago

Really just Sonic Adventure 2 that I love. And your post did genuinely make me laugh, in case it came off as sarcastic.

Rebel_Scum577d ago

Nah not at all, to be fair it was more a piss take at the meaningless list people post on this site on their top ten games. Like what SegaGamer below posted. Not really a joke about 3d Sonic games.

SegaGamer577d ago

For me it's
1 - Sonic Adventure 2
2 - Sonic Heroes
3 - Sonic Adventure
4 - Sonic Shuffle
5 - Sonic Generations
6 - Sonic Colours
7 - Sonic Unleashed
8 - Sonic 2006
9 - Sonic Lost World
10 - Shadow the Hedgehog ( Not really a Sonic game though )