1UP: Shred Nebula Review

Reviewed by Tom Chick:

"First things first: Unhook that part of your head that's been playing Geometry Wars -- the Asteroids-style controls in Shred Nebula will cause serious friction against that part of your brain. It might even be a little painful. Take yourself back to the days when controlling a space ship wasn't a simple or intuitive thing. Tap into the muscle memory of the '80s to rotate with the analog stick (relative to the gamepad, not what you see onscreen), thrust with the left trigger, and reverse thrust with the left bumper.

So far, so good. But this is only the beginning. Now learn how to use your shields, including the pinpoint timing required to reflect enemy shots. Fold in the directional controls for your special weapons with the other analog stick. Now, do all of this stuff at the same time. You're well on your way to the Last Starfighter-esque skills required to master Shred Nebula."

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