Underwater glitch found in Breath of the Wild

A player has accidentally discovered an underwater glitch that lets you light fires and more underwater.

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RSKnight2376d ago

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

naruga2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

the game is called breath of the wild, an open world game promoted to have limtless freedom of movement climbing , running with ehhhh..... climbing running ...and also ehh ... climbing running ...still Link cant dive/swim underwated or go fishing (one of the most known trademarks of Zeda series ) while all in all the game is based only on this --->survival in a wild world and huge potential for even more content/gameplay just left annoyingly unexploited because you know Switch/Wii U could nt handle underwater animation /effects /world/assets etcetc ....Nintendo ... overpriced glass and shiny things but inside there is just charcoal and trash

_-EDMIX-_2376d ago

@nar-he can't roll in this game.

EddieNX 2376d ago

I thought about the lack of fishing and diving but no... Game is still absolutely f#£%ing incredible. You could dive in Ocarina of time, its not a technical limitation lmao.

This gameplay is king in this game, its the sort that makes similar games look simple by comparison.

mcstorm2376d ago

Naruga if you don't like Nintendo why comment? I do find this new found keyboard worriers very funny Facebook is full of them and now N4G if it's not for you stay of the article that's what i do for games/hardware I'm not interested in.

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Aenea2376d ago

That attention to detail tho! /s

Sorry, couldn't resist, there's one video floating around that tries to compare Horizon with Zelda, which is silly in and of itself but one of their complaints was that fire can burn on water in Horizon and saying that Horizon doesn't have any attention to detail!

So odd that people can apparently only enjoy 1 game and 1 console *shakes head*

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Uglyday2376d ago

Considering the metals and other components required to make the robotic dinosaurs that arrows are made from and the other crafting component to make fire arrows being freshly harvested "blaze" the possibility of water putting out Horizon's fires is low.

Erik73572376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Difference is this is a glitch and what you saw in Horizon is not a glitch . There are so many other things in those TWO graphic comparison videos actually, you should watch both, that are embarrassing to see in Horizon which is on a platform far stronger.

Aenea2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I've seen them both. Sad thing is they are made with a very strong Zelda bias, am sure someone can make a video or two doing it the other way around.

Both are great games, but both are different as well, the focus of each is different so attention to details shift into another direction which totally makes sense. It's more embarrassing that Zelda fans feel the need to do such things.

Fist4achin2376d ago

Maybe they're getting ready for some underwater welding.

LucasRuinedChildhood2376d ago

Nintendo games don't have glitches though. /s

Stronk2376d ago

Considering that it took two weeks for someone to discover ONE glitch in what may be the biggest OPEN-WORLD game ever to hit a console... you're right. Congratulations on actually failing to be sarcastic, didn't even know that was possible. That's what happens when you chase low-blows and seek out everything negative i guess...

Stronk2376d ago

@yeahokwhatever You should know how Nintendrones work by now. :D

SR3882375d ago

Very bloody few, I see some here are chatting about HZD, that is chock full of glitches lol

LucasRuinedChildhood2375d ago

Truth be told, I'm just making a joke. A lot of people pan and dismiss games if they have a handful of glitches and then point to Nintendo and note how their games don't have many glitches. However, a lot of that is to do with a lack of complexity on the technical side in most Nintendo games. They're quite simple (not talking about gameplay depth).

Breath Of The Wild is way more complex (open-world game with a lot of systems) than the average Nintendo game and so it has more glitches and rough edges. It just puts a lot of the rhetoric of the more hyperbolic Nintendo fans (more so, Nintendo fanboys) in previous years into perspective.

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Everything in Tears of the Kingdom is Temporary, and it’s Annoying

Shaz from GL writes: “Tears of the Kingdom retreads many of the same waters as Breath of the wild, taking away much of its magic and outlining its many frustrating elements”

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closed_account61d ago

Wow, I had no idea creations start disappearing like that. I haven't played yet and the building of machines seemed pretty awesome.. but if they get destroyed after a short period of time, what's the point? I would want to keep my favorite creations across the entirety of my adventure. :\

I sure hope they rework this on the next console after Switch. I'm actually surprised this didn't lower some of the 10/10 scores.

phoenixwing61d ago

the rabid nintendo fans would probably have sent death threats if it got lowered

senorfartcushion60d ago

Always thinking of rabid fanbases means that you’re rabid too.

GryestOfBluSkies60d ago

You can save your creations to have them automatically rebuilt, as long as you have the resources for it

Vx_59d ago

one of the most boring games of the year