Square-Go: Space Chimps Review

Square-Go Writes:

"You jump, swing and battle your way through the levels - Ham punching and kicking at the King's army, and Luna flying with butterfly wings and shooting goo from a little alien she befriends! Swing on the vines to get through the jungle, but if none are obvious a sticky green substance on nearby walls can assist. Look out for creatures who don't try to attack you, they will give you a helping hand, and help you progress through the game. The bananas scattered all over the place have healing properties, and statues of Zartog himself, when activated, will present you with a Zartog head. These will enable you to progress in the game; the little bright blue and yellow heads act as keys, and the larger heads as weights. Saving any golden bananas will give you buying power later. Also, remember that although water is frequently dangerous, it is sometimes the only way to get ahead."

"On the downside, older gameplayers may find the game a bit repetitive, but all in all, Space Chimps works pretty well - good movie, good game. So do think you got the skill to save Malgor?! Because if you do, you'd better hurry and…unleash your inner chimp!"

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