GameVortex: Space Chimps review

GameVortex writes:
"Hey look, yet another kid's movie has reached the summer box office. You would never guess it, but there was a marketing person sitting in the dark somewhere strumming their fingers together in that classic diabolic contemplation about how to increase profitability. The obvious answer is to make a marketing game, and the fruits of their arduous two weeks of labor have brought us Space Chimps. Now, even though I know I am painting this in a bad light instantly, there are a few rare redeeming moments. Overall as a game player, advocate, and a parent of gamers, I am a tired of seeing this in gaming. It really does make sense on paper to make these games, but the execution always leaves something to be desired. Do I have a solution? Well, this isn't the place, but one of them is to stop making these types of games."

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