Why I’m Not Too Worried About Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Character Model Problem

The entire internet has seen it and it can’t really be disputed, because Mass Effect: Andromeda’s character model issues have caused quite a ruckus.

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headpress2202d ago

Most controversial thing on the internet. Character creation any worry's?

joab7772201d ago

The real story is this. Imagine if in your job your boss said, do a good job and get some what you can, but you MUST, MUST do this and this, or all your work may be for naught. You go and create the greatest project ever seen, but ignore his instrutcions, and your reception is sunk.

It isn't the creator so much as the fact that ME needed to have an amazing launch, to set gamers at ease. To put ME3 in the past!

2201d ago
SCW19822202d ago

What you really should be worried about is the fact that the studio that made this entire game is the team that made the buggy DLC for Mass Effect 3 and the MP suit. I cant believe EA would give the most beloved franchise they have to a B team. So upset and will not support this. This is a huge middle finger to all of us who hold this series in high regard.

dauntingcookie2201d ago

I don't know how he got Mass Effect and Battlefield confused.

Kreisen2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Dont forget one of the main writers is the chick who went on the news to talk about how she got molested/raped in GTA online.

Here is the video, shes the redhead

Profchaos2201d ago

There's no words to describe how retarded she is its not really believable

T2X2201d ago

Well, you don't understand why someone might be upset over that? You my friend need to grow up a little bit and maybe move out of your parents house, get married, have a daughter and wife and show them the "stupid" virtual rape and tell them it's stupid and see what they think. It's not so much that it's really happening to someone as it is the thought process behind thinking that shit is comical. Get it now?

81BX2201d ago

No dude... stop being so soft. Yes it's stupid as he'll but no one is getting violated here.

MorpheusX2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

And..... Boycott ME4: Top 5 Reasons [15min 23secs]

Drops the mic.

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T2X2201d ago

Well, I think people are over reacting. Try it first. I've never played a ME game, although I would of liked to. Time restraints and all. But I'm trying this one.

kreate2201d ago

don't understand ur logic. forget MEA. u should play the original ME trilogy its like $4.94 for the entire epic bundle .... until u get to the rainbow...

DevilishSix2201d ago

Actually it is their C team or what I like to call their third string quarterback. This is the team that made Army of One games and those were very average at best.

georeo2201d ago

What happened to the a team? I'm clueless to what's going on with the development

Rachel_Alucard2201d ago

Bioware Edmonton is the original devs from the trilogy. They have been working on a new IP since at least 2013 and the ME franchise was handed off to Bioware Montreal since then.

Kaneki-Ken2201d ago

Actually Bioware have different teams. The original Bioware team that did Me trilogy is not doing Andromeda rather Bioware Montreal which is team B. This is what happens when the Original dev and writer continue the series.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2201d ago

The people responsible for the character animations and dialogue should never be allowed to work on anything above 64 bit games. What's even more puzzling is that this author seems to be completely dismissing the fact that this game is not AAA quality. EA is slowly regaining the title of "worst development house in gaming."

Congratulations EA! You deserve it!

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Artemidorus2201d ago

It's clear they are in it for the greed.
Delay this crap for six months and iron the problems out.

Aenea2201d ago

Isn't every for profit company?

morganfell2201d ago

You are confusing profit with greed.

Artemidorus2201d ago

Yes but people who give a crap normally work with pride not laziness.

Ristul2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Actually, the founders of BioWare invested all they had to create the company and it's first game, why did they do that? Because they loved gaming, and making games was something they were passionate about. Making money was important since it allowed them to keep working in the field they loved.

EA however, seem to care only for making money. I doubt the suits at EA care much of the games, they are just looking for the next big seller. That is the reason for the outcry from fans when we found out about EA buying BioWare, we didn't want BioWare to be governed by the entity called EA.

Get some perspective:

girevik2201d ago


You're absolutely correct in your post. The real irony is that if you allow developers to put all their love and passion into a game the end result most likely will be increased profit. But if you focus only on money you devalue the game and lose more money in the end.

morganfell2201d ago

EA remains one of the worst gaming companies in the greed department. I remember when Battlefront was announced and they said no Space Battles. I lit into them discussing how BF1 and BF2 had them as staple. Half the time many of us played those titles we were flying. I was attacked immediately on N4G (it's in the post history) and told Battlefront had nothing to do with BF1 and 2.

Posters on this site saw some graphics and then turned into EA sheep.

Then I warned people well within days of the EA confirmation that Space Battles would not be included. I said, "Watch them claim Space Battles are not important or doable. Then wait about a year and they will sell them to us as DLC." I stated that players might get a map or two but most of it would be sold back to us. Make half the game they used to make and then sell the other half to us. Criminal really.

And greedy.

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Artemidorus2201d ago

Profits to the point you the gamer gain a lazy beta, that in itself is greedys and rushed.

Look how many extra editions they made, it's pure greed.

Perjoss2201d ago

Easy solution to this problem, wait for the goty edition and get it when it's super cheap.

pressjudge2201d ago

They launched to soon in my opinion. The game is great and all but the graphics do lack some work.

gwumper9872201d ago

The visuals overall seem great to me (I played in early access). That is until you look at someone's face, then you are mildly terrified.

Gaming4Life19812201d ago

I agree I have been playing in early access and the faces at times look like wtf but I am enjoying the game and Im sure all the haters will too when they play it.

notachance2201d ago

@gaming4life sure, if I got to play it for free... but shelling out $60 just to give the game a chance seems a bit too much, maybe next year when it released for cheap and includes all DLC I'll have a try.

Krysis2201d ago

Yeah that boggles my mind, it's almost like they meant for the faces to look this way. I'm mostly loving the game. The combat is really good and the traversal is so much better with the added boosts. Even the soft cover system is decent. And the story has me interested and in only 3.5 hours in

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2201d ago

There is no way in hell that I would ever buy this game at full price. 19.99 for the GOTY Edition? Sure!

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Profchaos2201d ago

Yeah but in motion it's much less weird my main issue with the game is the poor frame rate on console and so far in my experience weak dialogue choices with no impact

Specter2292201d ago

Turn off the grain filter on the video options. It helps a little bit.

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