Remembering Insomniac's Resistance Trilogy

While Resistance never reached the heights of Halo, in terms of importance to the platform, Insomniac's trilogy played a major role in the PS3's life.

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PhoenixUp633d ago

It was the best title at PS3's launch. It kept me sustained

Eidolon633d ago

Fall of man was my favorite PS3 online experience.

InTheZoneAC633d ago

I think that's a little sad.

Everyone played it at launch but there were much better MP games afterwards.

R2 online was ok and R3 online was flat out terrible

phoenixwing633d ago

I loved Resistance Fall of man on ps3 for quite some time. Killzone 2 mp replaced it but I still remember having tons of fun on it.

kreate633d ago

Fall of man is also one of my fav.

Mr-Dude633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Fall of man was great, SP and MP. Some good memories, and made some friends on PSN I still game with today. Aah, the old times.

Eidolon633d ago

They just nailed it with the weapons and hitboxes, health, headshots, medals, ribbons, maps... omg yeah it could be nostalgia.

DARKKENT633d ago

Yup resistance 1 is one of the best launch titles ever

ABizzel1633d ago

Resistance needs a remake / reboot

Campaign of Resistance 3
Co-op of Resistance 2
Multiplayer of Resistance: FOM / R2

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Yobo5632d ago

FoM had the best cutscenes/ narration in the series, story felt more epic.

CDbiggen633d ago

Resistance 2s multiplayer was some of the best online play i had on ps3

corroios633d ago

yeah. The CO-OP was amazing. Played so much!!! This games should be upgraded!!!

Deep-throat633d ago

How many multiplayer games you played on your PS3?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the co-op mode a lot!

Sunny_D633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

Oh wait, you mean you weren't trying to ask a trolling question? Ok.


-Foxtrot633d ago

Great way for the series to come back is just do Resistance Fall of Man 2, ignoring the other three and telling a different version of events.

Maybe one where Nathan Hale as a character is explored more, sticks around longer, has that feeling of the first game.

InTheLab633d ago

Can't ignore 3. Loved 3.

Mr-Dude633d ago

I don't understand the hate for Resistance 3. I loved it too. Looked great, story was fun, although I missed Nathan Hale. Coop was also fun. Cool and fun weapons, leveldesign etc.

Multiplayer was meh, to much Call Of Duty. Wasn't needed imo.

cell989633d ago

But resistance 3 had a great campaign. Sure the multiplayer sucked

Silly gameAr633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

The MP wasn't really that bad. I was constantly on it.

AnubisG633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

I think what they could do is have you play as a soldier in the Russian army when the invasion brakes out. You fight but keep on getting pushed back than eventually run over and the only survivor would be you to witness the aliens moving towards the west in their tens of thousands. Would be different. I would like it.... make it more scary and darker too.

Hedstrom633d ago

Would love a reboot. Imagining a Resistance game with BF1 visuals and that kind of settings gives med goosebumps.

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The story is too old to be commented.