The New Social Lubricant?

Quintin Marcelino writes:

"In December 2006, I drove up to L.A. with my roommate to make an appearance at a friend's house party. He had asked me to bring an extra Guitar Hero controller, which I assumed would sit in the corner of his living room as people mingled. But there I was, the clock nearing midnight, sitting on a couch and watching a hipster in tight jeans attempt his best Elvis Costello impression, sliding his feet along the ground and bobbing his head spastically as he hammered away at the colored fret buttons on the controller's neck. Next to him, with a second plastic guitar, was a young woman, trying her best to find her rhythm but failing. Slinging the controller off her shoulder in resignation, another guest saw this as an invitation for conversation.

"You did so good!" he said, slurring slightly, a beer in hand. "You looked like Debbie Harry with that guitar! It was hot." That was the first time I had seen someone use a videogame to try to pick up a woman."

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