You might already own one of the best Nintendo Switch stands you can get

If you don't like the flimsy design of the Nintendo Switch kickstand, you might already own the perfect alternative.

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Poli_Games2389d ago

I have a stand luckily!!! I'll try this out, thank you!

deafdani2388d ago

Yes, I do have this stand, and it never crossed my mind. I'll try this out.

vikingland12388d ago

I tried it the and it leans back too far but, it is stable.

bouzebbal2388d ago

I use it for Vita when i remote play.
works well.

Summons752388d ago

It has a perfectly good stand that puts it at the perfect angle...why would I want a worse one that leans it too far back?

inmusicutrust2388d ago

It's too vertical if you are close and tall, the whole using the kickstand on an airplane is nearly impossible for a large portion of the population. That plus it's pretty flimsy for an expensive piece of electronics, a lot of people simply don't trust it.

Summons752388d ago

Have you used it? Not at all. I do it at work like that sitting closer than on a plane all the time. Hasn't been an issue.

deafdani2388d ago

The angle isn't really perfect, though. The Switch needs to get a bit more inclined than what the default stand allows.

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Nintendo Switch has been officially released in China

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rlow11395d ago

Hey a portable great firewall for the Chinese gamer........those pesky communist....enjoy your switch comrads.

DafunkyRebel1395d ago

A rip off version will come out called Chin Tien Dou

Ninte1395d ago

I'm curious about the eshop because of China strict Internet policy.

TargusX1395d ago

When is Earth Defence Force 5 coming to Switch and Xbox?

AuraAbjure1395d ago

Great I hope they enjoy Super Mario Bros!