Mass Effect: Andromeda's Animations Are Somehow Worse Than Mass Effect 3's

GameRevolution: "Perhaps the most benefiting of this are established IPs such as Uncharted, Gears of War, and DOOM who have been able to further realize their imaginative worlds with the benefits of much more powerful hardware. With Mass Effect getting its first current generation release, many were hoping for similar advancements. However, the results aren't quite what fans were expecting. Yesterday, EA dropped the embargo for first impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda among reviewers. While there are many disagreements on what's good and bad about the game across the more than a dozen previews, there's one thing that just about everyone can agree upon: the animations are awful."

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Mikerob20072392d ago

yep ive just canceled my pre order today based on how bad its looking. Ill wait on reviews now to see if its worth getting or not.

PlayableGamez-2391d ago

I am playing the trial right now.
So far I am enjoying the game.

Unspoken2391d ago

Beautiful 4K HDR 60fps. Thank you nVidia.

Kaneki-Ken2391d ago

This is what happens, when you don't the original Bioware team /devs doing Mass Effect. Sad, I was actually hype for this game but I guess I have to wait for updates if that can even fix the damages

colonel1792391d ago

I went for Persona 5 instead of Mass Effect until they release a huge patch fixing all the animations

ABeastNamedTariq2390d ago

You understand that won't be done, right? Just like Skyrim and Fallout didn't get a patch to fix their hanky animations, MEA won't.


The writting was on the wall, the moment they showed those gorillas disguised as female characters!

R6ex2390d ago

Glad I didn't pre-order!

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MilkMan2392d ago

Said this when I saw the first trailer. They move like sh!t

chrisx2392d ago

I can see 6/10s and some 7s written allover this. What a pity

Relientk772391d ago

Same, I'm staying far away from this one

aaronaton2391d ago

6's and 7's usually have average animations, these Mass Effect ones are below average even for an indie developer.
I think we're gunna see a mix bag, mainly 5's but with some odd 8's (fans wearing their rose tinted glasses)

GrubsterBeater2391d ago

I'm really happy I listened to my gut and stayed away from this game. Something about it made my gut scream at me that something was off about this game. From the announcement I felt this way, it just felt... off.

CocoaBrother2392d ago

When my die-hard Mass Effect friend says he doesn't want this game, it worries me a bit; considering he's played all the Mass Effects at least 5-7 times each. We still have some hope left


You don't really play Bioware games for gameplay or animation but for the writing (and to a lesser part) the voice actor's who breathe life into that writing... and those are just as bad as the animations. Thats the part that really seems off to me.

Full Disclosure: I've been on the outside looking in since the ending of ME3 so there's no lost sale from me.

Summons752391d ago

Even the writing and the voice acting are very bad. The story is just poorly written and all over the place, the voice acting ranges from pretty good to "holy crap I can do better voice acting and I'm not trained at all...also that's not what a Korgan is supposed to sound like". The animations add a huge disconnect accenting the poor writing and bad VOs and the combat is highly unpolished.

PlayableGamez-2391d ago

Yeah the voice acting is not bad...
I think you many other people are overreacting.

meka26112391d ago

The voice acting is bad in the game; played the trial last night and it's just cringe worthy. I played going in thinking the same as you, graphics don't matter if the dialogue is good and it's not. It's like the creators didn't know how things work because some things they say are just dumb. Plus during certain sad scenes the voices just sound aloof about it. Also your squadmates point out all things to you, even obvious stuff.

Pintheshadows2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It isn't just the voice acting. It is the combination of stilted voice acting, janky animations, and dreadful writing that all amalgamate together. We're past this for crying out loud. This feels like a regression in quality in every way. Lazy, and showing a lack of ability to look forward and improve. This simply doesn't compete in today's gaming landscape. And frankly, the people downplaying these issues may have more of a leg to stand on if this wasn't a pillar of the series.

People keep saying, 'oh, Mass Effect was never known for its animations'. The thing is though, the last Mass Effect game came out 5 years ago. The industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds since then. Certainly in terms of quality of writing, voice acting, and all around animation. And I would expect a franchise as big as Mass Effect to move forward as well. Things like this stick out like a sore thumb these days. Kudos to you if you can still enjoy it, but the writing alone is intelligence insulting to me. The second I heard cliched dialogue and the same generic action hero lines repeated over and over I knew something was wrong. Like this was written by a bunch of average fan-fic writers.

This is Technomancer level stuff, and that is a budget game made by a tiny studio.

UnHoly_One2390d ago


I thought I was the only one still holding on to my "boycott Bioware because of the ending of ME3" grudge. lol


Unholy, nope. Never going to forgive them... Granted, at this rate it doesn't much matter because they sure as hell aren't the same studio.

UnHoly_One2388d ago

I won't lie. I kind of want to go back and replay the trilogy, then decide if I should get this one.

I really loved Mass Effect before it ended.


I doubt I'll ever play it again.... The ending just killed it for me.

UnHoly_One2387d ago

I understand.

But it's been 5 years, so maybe it's time for me to give it a shot.

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SaveFerris2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Those gifs. I'm dying.

The Ryder in the 'wake up' one makes the scene.