What Makes a Horror Game

People have many misconceptions of what horror games are that need to be cleared up.

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Zelda Replay: Majora's Mask

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Is Ocarina of Time as legendary as I remembered it? For the most part, yes. In spite of a handful of missteps — a few obtuse puzzles, some tedious backtracking, and a clunky stealth sequence — I don't believe the last 23 years have been unkind to it. Ocarina remains a brilliant example of the medium, a landmark game that shaped the future of its own franchise and 3D gaming in general. After more than two decades it retains its inventive dungeon design, challenging puzzles, dynamic combat, wistful storyline, unforgettable music, and empowering open-air freedom. I feel confident calling it one of the greatest games of the fifth generation, even if I'm no longer prepared to list it among the five best games ever made."

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Crows9085d ago

Pure unadulterated fun. They don't make them like this anymore...especially not the triple A industry.

FinalFantasyFanatic85d ago

Back when video rental was a thing, I rented out Majoria's Mask, I never finished it though. I did buy the 3DS version before the eshop shutdown, so maybe one day I'll finally play through the whole thing, it's amazing how well these games hold up though. I briefly played Ocarina of Time for a while and it was really fun.


23 Years Ago, Nintendo Unleashed the Riskiest Zelda Sequel Ever

'The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask' is a testament to Nintendo's game development skills.

AuraAbjure422d ago

This game is so trippy when one considers Link is dead, and tripping in limbo or something.


422d ago

Late to the Party: Playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask For The First Time

Dave writes, "It only took me two decades but The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is one of the outlier and engaging Zelda experiences."

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gleepot444d ago

ill never forget my first experiences with MM, and its why its my favorite zelda title

luckytrouble444d ago

Majora's Mask, a major oddity in the series as the game is shaped around the story rather than the story being shaped around the game as Nintendo usually does. It wants you to be invested in saving the world and all the unique individuals in it. The game was made so fast too, this is really its saving grace. Certain aspects of the original game technically are a bit rough (poor Z targeting getting made into jank), and the boss fights just generally aren't good in either the original or the remake. The dungeons themselves are generally actually pretty interesting, but the true draw is everything that happens outside of them ultimately.

AuraAbjure422d ago

Such a gnarly game! The gameplay is so varied because Link can transform into totally different characters. Swimming around as a Zora was so chiilll