Mass Effect 1 Has Distinctively Better Animations Than Andromeda

The bland almost dead facial expressions are a huge step back to what was done better 10 years ago.

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Team_Litt2264d ago

Yeesh! The heck?! Who left the team? Something is just not right. I blame EA.

naruga2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

when a game promotes more its gender-free ingame sexual hook ups than the core game mechanics/visuals or generally essential features to be characterized a good game you understand that smthing is wrong about the game... devs spent somewhere more time (aka in idiotic substanceless social features) and somewhere not (aka animations , mechanics etcetc) ....Ea just being EA

moegooner882264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

"EA just being EA". Never fails to make me chuckle when people selectively decide to say stuff like this on some EA or Ubisoft games but completely disappear when other games get praise or good reviews. In fact, Bioware didn't discuss any romance details until very recently and details were so sparse, but keep fighting the good fight solider.

annoyedgamer2263d ago

I class Ubisoft alongside EA at this point. We aren't giving them a pass either.

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_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

Something's definitely wrong here I don't really think it's a specific person that left their team as much as there seems to be something going around regarding their development because I don't really think it makes sense to have this type of animations.

Nitrowolf22264d ago

I have a feeling its the change over from unreal to frostbite. I mean frostbite is really known for its amazing GFXs but thats really it. Physics, and animations have always been meh.

Godmars2902264d ago

Well, I'm saying it in reference to everything else.

ME1 might have had promise as a sci-fi RPG like Dragon Age as a fantasy RPG, but in regards to the former that ended when the shooter aspect took over. It was all about presentation after that.

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

@god-I understand but my comment actually has nothing to do with the fact that people left, simply that I don't really think that has anything to do with this strange animation issue they're having.

BioWare has historically not been that good with animations.

Once again just so you fully understand my comment,am I NOT saying that the team did not have members that left which doesn't make any sense for a fact that indeed it happen , my comment it is simply saying I do not believe that is the source of this game's issue simply because BioWare games of notoriously had bad facial animation.

I agree with you that they tried to make it an RPG with the first game and what the second game and third game they leaned towards the shooter aspect which I actually think was a great idea simply because the execution of those two games is far superior than their attempt with the first game.

In the game's defense from what I've seen and read this game is much more of an RPG than any of the mass effect that released the previous generation.

Perjoss2264d ago

From what ive read the game changed hands from 1 team to another halfway through, the first team was making a mess and the 2nd only had a year to clean it up and apparently it wasnt enough time. Sorry I dont remember the team names off the top of my head.

TheCommentator2264d ago

I think you're onto something Nitro.

Godmars2902264d ago

No. With the first story they tried to tell a story. With everything else, they presented product in the form of a story. That's why with ME3, somehow wanting to continue a now francise, they painted themselves into a corner, went off the rails and wound up in Andromeda where they're just trying to sell crap.

Tumaras2264d ago

I don't think it's Frostbite, there are plenty of other Frostbite games with animations that are completely fine (Battlefront, BF 1, FIFA, Need for Speed, etc.). Some of them aren't the absolute best around, but none of them have animations that are anywhere near as bad as Armageddon has. That's just extremely poor dev work. It's bad enough that actually if I were DICE I'd be giving the Bioware devs heck for giving their engine a bad rep with such a badly animated game.

At some point I hope Bioware gives an honest explanation of what lead to those ridiculous problems. They can't release a game in that state. Maybe a leadership/management problem, possibly too tight a budget, maybe too much outsourcing to cheap devs. Whatever the cause they should be embarrassed and taking action to prevent that from happening again.

meka26112263d ago

Can't agree there nitro, because if you look at Battlefield 1 it has very nice facial animations. I think the development team just had no idea how to use it properly.

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Godmars2902264d ago

Who left?

The guys who made the first game. Where you been?

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

" I don't really think it's a specific person that left "

I'm saying this in reference to the animations, I'm not saying that no one left their team.


Ristul2264d ago

I think the vision that Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka (the founders) had for BioWare changed when they retired from the company and sold it to EA. Those guys were amazing, I read an interview about BioWare from way back were they talked a lot about their game design philosophies. They were all about the quality of the game, and would not compromize on that quality to fit a given timeframe or deadline. With EA calling the shots, I imagine that it's a very different situation there now. All you have to do is look at BioWare's recent games, they are not the ones who are leading the industy forward anymore, other developers have surpassed them. CDPR is the prime example of that.

bnaked2264d ago

It's because of the uncanny valley. You can't mix realistic graphics with old and unrealistic (facial-) animations. Problem is, that the graphics are too realistic now, you can see it in Horizon Zero Dawn, too. This uncanny valley effect will get worse, if developers won't use performance capturing for their next games. It would be too costly for open world games or games like Mass Effect Andromeda, but it is what it is... This is a huge problem for the industry.

UltraNova2264d ago

Performance cap is too costly and time consuming. Unity, Unreal etch should jump on it and create motion capture animation and facial movement libraries that would be added to their engines for a fee.

This would dramatically increasd quality in games that wouldnt otherwise bother.

As for big time devs like Bioware there's no excuse putting games out with sub par animations.

ServerBOT2264d ago

I think pretty much the original team are gone from Bioware these days.

badz1492264d ago

don't worry too much about it. Link didn't say a word in BoTW and he is expressionless as he is speechless - barrage of 10/10 incoming for ME Andromeda!

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3-4-52263d ago

* I usually don't make a deal out of stuff like never really bothers me, but I am really looking forward to the new Mass Effect so it is a bit disappointing.

Even the trailer they showed seemed a bit "ehhhh".

I want the magic of Mass Effect 1 back.

That was the best in the series by far IMO, and they should have never strayed away from the type of game it was.


I guess thats what happens when you remove the femenine side from the "female" things they created.

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chrisx2264d ago

I noticed this but been trying to keep optimistic, but damn I had hopes for this game

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

That's if you're only hopes for simply looking at it

this clearly an issue regarding their animation and how they games presented but overall I'm not relying 100% on this in regards to my purchase.

Gwiz2264d ago

That's a wise decision,it plays rather smooth (i7 4710 MQ/980M)..

It's definitely adjusting to Mass Effect from the past.

bunt-custardly2264d ago

Totally agree with the video Ashley looks way more animated/realistic compared to the blank stare, dead eye ME: Andromeda character. Something has gone horribly wrong at Bioware.

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

If I was BioWare I would just say there Androids

Fixed lol

Bhuahahaha2264d ago

or advise players that they should not toggle helmet visual off ahahahahaha

Kreisen2264d ago

Its kinda like 2004 all over again with characters just standing there while only their mouth moves slightly as they speak.

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

Lol you mean revolutionary? 😂😂😂

I remember when I was younger that was such a big deal! I mean when you think about it clearly it was pretty significant.

Epicor2264d ago

I think the biggest reason for this blank stare is that their eyelids don't move at all. Andromeda's characters' eyes are the same size all the time, no squinting of the eyes whatsoever. It's like they forgot to take this one component into account totally when making the animation.

Meltic2264d ago

Must be a bug or something, or they was blind making the animation

IceKoldKilla2264d ago

Is that a new feature or Season Pass pre-order exclusive that requires micro-transactions?

Good-Smurf2264d ago

Botox Effect:Androidmeda

quent2264d ago

Where has the real Bioware gone ?

Is what's crossing my mind

game4funz2264d ago

Likely gone at about the same time the LGBT group came in.

Goldby2264d ago

What the fuck does one have to do with the other?

This is EA not LGBT's problem.

It wasn't the LGBT that secretly p[lanned to sabatoge all EA games over the past 4 years, it was EA making stupid decisions and tryign to get the most for the least amount of work.

TeamIcoFan2264d ago

Hey, fuck you pal, don't blame people like me for bioware being lazy.

2pacalypsenow2264d ago

That's what happens when the "Everyone gets a Trophy" mentality kicks in.

Highlife2264d ago

Spend more time on gameplay and animations then stupid lgbt crap.

kamilkazi2264d ago

Seriously, most ugly female characters ever in any game, far worse than Skyrim's. This is ridiculous, all male characters look like the models they are based on. While the female faces look nothing like their models, this is unacceptable. Miranda from Mass Effect 2 looked like a dead ringer for her model, wtf!

game4funz2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

People like you?? So you agree that youre one of the people forcing your view on others??

Go away.

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

Seriously buddy get out of here

that is so disrespectful and irrelevant it's not even funny, what's wrong with this game has everything to do with the development team not any specific demographic.

Allsystemgamer2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Look at all the people here taking this personally. He wasn't talking about YOU.

He was talking about the dev team who felt it was more important to "include" those characters. As a result none of it felt natural or had a point. That's what he was talking about.

But you played right into the LGBT always taking things personally and being perpetually offended stereotype.

And before you pull the whole shut up card. I'm bisexual. I'm in that demographic.

TWB2264d ago

I think he did a somewhat poor job at explaining and describing what he meant.

I believe he's talking about the "more than two genders", "everybody is beautiful", "check your priviledge" type people who have started working on Bioware. Different youtube content creators have documented some of the ridiculous things that this type of people have said at Bioware. Like the lead writer (at least couple of years ago) saying that virtual rape (done by the hackers) in GTAOnline is just as severe and damaging as real rape. Paraphrasing here, but something along those lines.

I dont know if thats the reason for these issues, but thats one way of looking at this situation.

Goldby2260d ago


But that isn't LGBT.

He is frankly and obviously putting the blame on a bad game on a demographic that he doesn't agree with.
and instead of actually THINKING. he just groups all the bad thngs in life on demographics he doesn't agree with, let it be LGBT or SJW.

LGBT had absolutely nothing to do with the game, it had nothing to do with the animations, it had nothing to do with the story, it has nothign to do with the characters. it is all Bioware and EA.

Last of us dealt with LGBT the best way, not making a deal about it, building it into the story in a respectful manner, to the point there were people asking about bill, if he was gay.

EA plasters it on every fucking billbboard and add online that you can love where ever you want in the game, fuck as many alien species as you can. That isn't how you deal with this. you focus on what the game is, a space opera. you focus on the features that impact the game, combat, settings.

it is all on the developers, animator and writers of EA/Bioware. not a group focused on safety and awareness of LGBT. afterall, it wasn't the LGBT who wrote the story or coding, it was EA/Bioware.

Game4funz is wrong and angry at the wrong people.
Game4funz needs to learn who to actually put his anger towards.


game4funz2260d ago

Goldby is naive and knows very little about the world.
LGBT groups have a lot to do with many current gaming problems.

To deny such an obvious fact, since we've seen its effects in gaming mutliple times, is quite childish.

The only one angry is Goldby who decided to go on a rant and accuse me of being angry. There is no anger.
@TWB explains it very well. Go get some of that.

Apart from that, your comment makes no sense
"it is all on the developers, animator and writers of EA/Bioware. not a group focused on safety and awareness of LGBT. afterall, it wasn't the LGBT who wrote the story or coding, it was EA/Bioware."

There are members of the type of LGBT that @TWB alluded to that now work at Bioware/EA.
Its precisely those people im talking about. So not sure what you were trying to point out.

Most gays and lesbians dont force thier views on others so I am most definitely not talking about them.
Just about the small loud and vocal minority who say they represent the LGBT community when no one voted them in to represent them. They point out problems where none exist and make up problems as they go.

The reviews are out now. And the new dialogue system reinforces what I've said. Can't be offensive anymore.

Goldby2260d ago


you seem to under the notion that because someone who may be LGBT or believe in their cause (which is equality) is equal to all of LGBT.

i'm a part of that group, yet i'm not forcing peolpe to add LGBT situation or relationships into gaming. i will speak up when people are using LGBT or SJW as an excuse what ever that reason may be (most cases tend to be lack of knowledge/beliefs)

but again at the end of the day, that person who may or may not be LGBT did the writing for Mass Effect, but Mass effect wasn't created because of that person. it was EA/Bioware that hired that person based on the beliefs that they the company wanted to align with. so once again, this is on EA, not LGBT.

Blaming LGBT for this is like blaming Muslims for The terrorist attacks throughout the world.
one isn't the direct result of the other, it may have an effect but it isn't because of one that the other exists.

at the end fo the day, those employees are doign their jobs, and EA signed off and ok'd everything in the game, this is EA's issue as a company, not the employees problem.

if iot wasn't up to what ever standard EA set in place, it wouldn't have been approved, so instead of blaming one group of people, why not ask why EA was ok releasing a sub par game after hyping it up so much?

Goldby2260d ago


"game4funz3d ago (Edited 3d ago )
People like you?? So you agree that youre one of the people forcing your view on others??

Go away."

you may not think you are angry, but there is definitely some hostility and aggression in that post.

he's not forcing anything, just like no one is. i could go the route that you are focing use to live in the Hetero sexual world, but i'm not going to cuz its a waste of time trying to explain that over forums and needs to be discussions happening in person.

at the end of the day, it wasn't LGBT that pushed this, it wasn't LGBT's fault that the women don't look as good as the male characters. it isn't LGBTs fault that the dialogue is cringe worthy at times.

Thats all on EA. if that isn't the case, then can we blame the french for the horrible coding for Assassin's Creed Unity.

or can we blame females for having to play as aloy in Horizon. or should we blame gingers for that?
see how stupid that shit sounds

game4funz2260d ago


Only bothered to read some of your reply.

Yes there is hostility. I dont like nazis or communists.
Everything else is in your head.

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annoyedgamer2264d ago

Replaced by SJWs. You had to ask? I sang this song months ago but nobody listened, so I sat back and let y'all see if for yourselves.

FunAndGun2264d ago

you're always singing that a broken record.

_-EDMIX-_2264d ago

What does one have to do with the other? Do you even have proof that any specific demographic had something to do with this game's bizarre animations?

But I don't come on here spreading hate

that is so childish and disrespectful

annoyedgamer2263d ago


He still works there, goes to show what the management is like.

Pintheshadows2264d ago

They all left over the last decade or so Quent. Not kidding. There is hardly any of the old Bioware talent around anymore, and it really shows.

The second Drew Karpyshyn left it was all downhill from there.