PlayTM: Baroque Review

PlayTM writes: "Baroque taunted me. I was mocked, ridiculed, and generally made to feel like an idiot for the entire time I played it. After around an hour or two, I started to hear its sneering, contemptuous voice whispering in my ear:

"Exactly how pathetic, boring and stupid are you? Can you really not find anything better to do with your time than hack and slash your way through me, with my predictable enemies, predictable dungeons and unpredictable camera? Remember reading those previews and thinking I could be interesting? Ha! What a fool you were for ever thinking I might entertain you."

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PS360WII4075d ago

Heh sounds like somebody never played an Atlus game before ;) However he does have a point on the difficulty and questionable story. One tower, a health bar that always drops, items that go away after you die, return to level 1 after you die, get to the bottom of the tower and continue the story for just a wee bit and return to the top with no items and level 1 again... etc.

This is truly a daunting game and it is very frustrating and definitely not for the light of heart or the for the regular hardcore gamer. It's pretty much a game for those who like punishment in there gaming ways lol