Nintendo Switch Performance Is Slightly Better than Wii U; Game Development is Easier Than on PS4

It’s been not much time since the release of Nintendo Switch and we are yet to see major publishing companies announcing game releases for the console.

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Erik73572201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Sucks but its not a huge problem and people wanna tell me Wiiu but they dont even fully understand the biggest problems of it and think lack of third party for its failure which is not true, just a smaller con of its failure.

People on this site will reiterate the garbage feed to them on this site on why wiiu failed when in reality it was poor concept of console and lack of first party as it's main problem.

Big Third party is less impactful today than it was last generation and Indies are the reason for that. And seeing the launch and indie support for it already it looks to have a better indie scene than ps4 because its more flexible and you can play it on the go. You also have two controllers and HD rumble which encourages indies to make exclusive features for that console like we are seeing the Stardust valley.

Plus, people on this site may not find the usefulness out of switch like edmx AND I UNDERSTAND THAT, but for many more people and people who aren't gaming primarily on a console. The switch looks a lot more appealing to me and there is a growing amount of gamers in my situation because of the growth of PC gaming in recent years.

Or what if you just want a portable gaming machine. There is no New psp for you to buy and Switch is the only new device seeming to be the succer to ps vita and 3DS so there is a huge market for it whether people want to admit it or not.

To the people telling me third party support is a problem, okay dont you idiots have a ps4? So you already have your third party to play? So what difference would it make for YOU to have third party support on it for tittles for example like Mass effect? Nothing so its just stupid fanboys looking to not like it when in reality this lack of third party issue only applies to a few gamers at this point.

Erik73572201d ago

Two controllers meaning the only console that has 100% of its user base with two controllers making adding co operative features hit a broader market unlike with a ps4 where half of the userbase only has one controller .

MVGeneral2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

"Half of the user base has only one controller?"

Where are you getting your stats from? Out of the top of your head? What you perceive? Lol

The reason sega failed with the dream cast was third party support failure. The reason ps3 suffered a bit, because 3rd party games were a little better on x360. 3rd party games carry a system. Check the top 100 best games ever released majority of them are 3rd party. The reason why I stopped buying nintendo consoles after the wii, is because it's games weren't geared towards the core gamers but are made specifically for casual gamers. All games (even first party) are watered down. They are easy, kiddish and just lacking any sort of improvement. No voice acting, motion cap, performance, graphics. Why would I buy an outdated console on premium pricing.

And BTW,
You can't reply to your own post at the same time. You could have just edited. You just wanted to get your voice heard louder. Reported.

freshslicepizza2200d ago

actually the switch has 3 controllers because i imagine many will buy the pro controller as well. third party will come if its successful and so far it is. however the extra costs associated with game cartidges could hamper that.

MRMagoo1232200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

2 controllers 😂 you mean the joycons , the things everyone says are wayyyyyyy too small to use properly for gaming because they cramp up your fingers and one is gimped compared to the other because of how the buttons and sticks are placed.

Aenea2200d ago


Yeah and X1 and PS4 users will have 2 controllers as well since most will buy another....

Not that I agree with everything Erik said, his point was that the base console comes with 2 controllers out of the box....

Aceman182200d ago

Why do ppl assume all the time? I always have two controllers when i own a ps console.

bouzebbal2200d ago

i disagree with your post before reading it everytime.
your post looks like a bloc of crap.
enjoy your 2 controller console then..

WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs2200d ago


Sega Dreamcast failed because of lack of retailer support, financial situation when Isao Okawa passed away ($700 million donor), launch of PS2, lack of reaching aggressive sales numbers, a company that was mostly on a decline financially. It most definitely didn't have a lack of third party supporter. It had way more support than Sega Saturn and rivaled Sega Genesis.

Wii wasn't geared toward casual gaming. The controllers were casual in concept and simple. The quality of wii games were challenging and the same as GameCube, N64, SNES, NES. Nintendo has always been about innovating the gaming format. I say it that way because most gamers on N4G think of innovation as hardware upgrades (boosted CPU, GPU, storage, etc.); which is silly and narrow minded in concept.

DarXyde2200d ago


"The reason sega failed with the dream cast was third party support failure"

Um...not exactly. SEGA was selling the DreamCast at a loss and, because the PS2 released, SEGA had to cut costs even more. It wasn't sustainable. They also took a loss from piracy and offering free online gaming where the company had to absorb the losses. Once their market share on third party titles fell below 20%, THAT'S when third party support failure had an effect.

It wasn't the cause of Dreamcast's failure, only a contributor.

curtis922200d ago


"They are easy, kiddish and just lacking any sort of improvement. No voice acting, motion cap, performance, graphics."

So the term 'games' to you is nothing more than tech demos, yeah? If it's not fully voiced, motion capped, running at 60fps with incredible visual fidelity it's... "kiddish" ? The fuck dude. I don't think you are able to grasp what a 'core' game is. To you it's how realistic it looks. To me, it's how the game respects the player, challenges the player. Your view of what 'mature' games are is why we get such shit, thoughtless, mindless- YET AMAZING- LOOKING-games.

darthv722200d ago

Typical Nintendo to only make marginal changes after a radical one. They have done this twice so far.
N64 to GCN was pretty significant and a change in media format as well.
GCN to Wii was marginal in both specs but they did use regular DVD instead of minis.
Wii to WiiU was pretty significant as it went from SD to HD and even went from DVD to bluray.
WiiU to Switch is marginal again with them going back to carts instead of optical media.

SirBradders2200d ago

Bull crap I have 5 controllers in my house, simply because a ps4 is cheaper in principle when you factor everything in and the controllers are cheaper also.

All of my friends have multiple controllers including general people I play with.

ColonelHugh2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )


I agree with what you are saying, but I'd like to point out that the Wii did not use DVD's, and the Wii U did not use Blu-Ray. Rather, they both used proprietary optical discs and optical drives that they made in-house. This is why there was no possibility of playing CD's, or watching movies from disc on Wii or Wii U (even though I distinctly recall a Nintendo spokesperson saying the Wii could get DVD playback in a future update when asked in an interview).

Apart from the limited edition Panasonic 'GameQube' which was an expensive alternative GameCube with DVD playback support, Nintendo has never supported any of the joint Sony-Panasonic media formats, and I doubt that's on accident.

PurpHerbison2200d ago

"And BTW,
You can't reply to your own post at the same time. You could have just edited. You just wanted to get your voice heard louder. Reported."

I hope this is a joke and you didn't really report. Waaaah reported. LOL

OzzY-waZZy2200d ago


"Where are you getting your stats from? Out of the top of your head?"

I think out of his ass if I'm not mistaken.

MetroidFREAK212200d ago

You really need to stop commenting...

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skydragoonityx2201d ago

Yea I've known a long time the switch is wiiu2

Erik73572201d ago

Or everything a wiiu should of been

FATAL1TY2200d ago

Wii u.2 €330


2200d ago
yomfweeee2200d ago

What proof do you have that Third Party isn't that big of a deal? Cause I think that is beyond ridiculous.

Most families in this world are going to have a single console system. That system is not going to be the WiiU if it doesn't have third party games.

Switch does have an advantage of being portable, so I expect it to do better than the WiiU. But don't tell me third party doesn't matter.

zaherdab2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

We idiots thank you for the long monologue... while not all idiots out there have a ps4 those who are eyeing the switch would definitely care about having more games on the console.

one thing you got right is that the switch is a portable console and that's the market it's focusing on it's not meant to compete with power horses it's meant for a more casual market that nintendo has been targetting since the wii.

we're all yet to see how this is going to pan out but there's no point going around cussing people and spamming every article about zelda with how good the metacritic score is. let alone calling people idiots just for having a different opinion.

I understand your frustration that almost anything you say gets tons of disagrees but still doesnt make others idiots :)

WII U was not a poor concept it just had a poor marketing a poor first party support which meant less reason for people to buy it and led to a poor third party support and the inevitable failure.

Smokingunz2200d ago

Well said brother I couldn't spree with u more, well said.

_-EDMIX-_2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

"Big Third party is less impactful today than it was last generation"

That's amazing sweetheart where are you getting your stats? If you add up all the people that purchase Call of Duty destiny Battlefield Mass Effect Resident Evil Metal Gear Solid Final Fantasy Watch Dogs the division what have you , you have an absolutely gargantuan number.

Whether you like it or not for an absolute undeniable solid objective fact , that is the majority regarding hardcore gaming.

That is the core.


Sure! let me know about the indie replacements for overwatch, destiny, Mass effect Andromeda, red dead redemption, COD...etc

DashArrivals2200d ago

This 'handheld' you speak of... is an absolute F*%king RIP-OFF.

It deserves all the hate it's getting. But this will be my last comment on a Switch article for a very long time, because I just don't really care anymore. The Switch is going to die my friend. Prepare yourself.

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EddieNX 2201d ago

They said it was in between the Wiiu and XB1 , not slightly better. It's significantly better in every way. To GPU has up to date features , it has 3gb for games wiiu has 1gb etc etc.

Switch is an incredible handheld, seems hardly anyone seems to accept it as a handheld though which is just beyond me!

Nyxus2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Well it's a home console first, according to Nintendo. So that's how people are going to look at it.

@ Eddie: again, it's Nintendo themselves who says this. They keep pointing out it's a home console first. It replaces the Wii U, not the 3DS (at least, not for now).

EddieNX 2201d ago

It has a screen and uses cartridges and all the tech is in the tablet, not the dock. Its just such a powerful tablet that it can be played like a home console.

If it had discs and tech inside the dock, then that would be different! Its litteraly a tablet with detachable controllers and connects to tv! Hardly the description of an XB or PS...

wonderfulmonkeyman2201d ago

I'm just fine with that, personally.
Historically, after all, it's almost always been the weaker systems that end up winning their gen or getting tons of games. I see no reason why the Switch can't succeed in the home console space now, when there's so much precedent showing that not being the tech leader doesn't automatically doom a console.

MrFisher212200d ago

I can not agree more. Nintendo kept slapping it in our faces that it was a HOME console first. How some seem to forget this blows my mind. It's cool for what it is. But not for what it does and what it was meant to be.

jaymacx2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

They said its a home console that you can take anywhere ... meaning the console experience anywhere you want... the types of games you play on a home console are usually different from the handheld games.. this is Nintendo's vision... when you actually play it , you can see what their (Nintendo) intentions are. Some of you guys keep repeating what others say and in the end the interpretation is lost.

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Aenea2200d ago

When I buy the Switch I buy it to play it the games on my TV, not on the go, so for me it's mostly just another regular console....

DanteVFenris6662200d ago

Judging by your histor you never plan to buy one.

Aenea2200d ago


And what history is that? That I didn't buy a Gamecube, Gameboy, GBA, NDS? Oh wait, I did! I skipped the Wii's tho...

Wallstreet372200d ago

Eddie your still in denial Smfh lol my God. Dude we now know it has a stock x1 tegra chip in it (well we always knew except blind fanboys) that is not close to an x1, it is closer to a Wii in power :)

Where are all the "it's between an x1 and ps4" crowd? Told u so you dudes never learn man lol no way this should have been over 300 smfh

Kokyu2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

At 300$ with a plastic screen and underpowered tech Nintendo is making a good profit on each unit. MS and Sony will sell consoles at a loss and make the money up on the back end through software sales, Nintendo refuses to do this wanting to make money on the front end and the back end. This is why Nintendo hardware usually never see a price drop to move units, which is why them dropping the original price of the 3ds was a shock to most in the industry.

rjason122200d ago

Exactly, obviously altered the title for clicks.

AuraAbjure2200d ago

IPS screen. You're eyes will thank you

ElectricFeel2200d ago

Yeah I don't understand why the misleading title hasn't been changed.

deafdani2200d ago

No, bro.

It's slightly better than the Wii U, not "significantly".

I also own it, and this much is obvious upon seeing the games already released for it, and upcoming games. This is still on the same ballpark as the Wii U, and nowhere close to Xbox One.

And that's okay! Because the thing is TINY. They crammed a bit more power than a Wii U in about 1/6th the size of a Wii U, or less. I mean, the Switch is even smaller than the Wii U's Gamepad alone...

That in itself is already impressive, and people taking a crap on the Switch because it isn't close to Xbox One in terms of power really need to look at the size of the tablet and get a reality check.

Kokyu2200d ago

Switch is ARM and Wii u was PPC. PPC doesnt need as much ram to get the same benefit, basically 1gb on PPC is actually pretty good as PS3 and X360 were also PPC and had 256 and 512 respectively and great games where created for it. Nintendo gambled on a useless tablet controller that no one really wanted and hardly any games used in any real meaningful way, add that to the lack of 1st party games and no third party games and you end up with a failed console.

Aquietguy2199d ago

Useless tablet????
Not used in any meaningful way???

Just about ever game I played used it well. Plus off TV play was a great benefit and well used in mu home.

Nu2199d ago

The fact that it's running on a Tegra X 1 is surprising. Never would've guessed it without the Xrays.

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rjason122200d ago

Clickbait. In the article, it says in between the power of Wii U and Xbox one (which has always been obvious)

sal772200d ago

No where in the article it says slightly.

AKR2200d ago

Article doesn't mention how significant the power increase is over Wii U; simply says that it's "Between Wii U and Xbox One."

We already knew it was more capable than the U. MK8 now runs at 1080p/60fps, vs 720p. FAST RMX also got a big increase, quickly switching between 1080p and 900p (Shin'en has stated that a firmware update to the Switch will allow the game to run at 1080p all the time). It was 720p (sort of) on Wii U.

MecheSlays2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I'd give an estimate of almost a teraflop. probably like 650-750 gflops if its that much more powerful than the x1 chip which is 512gflops. thats if its custom at all

Shipp812200d ago

The x1 chip is already 1 teraflop in performance.

MecheSlays2200d ago

The X1 chip is 512gflops in fp32 and in fp16 its 1tflop

Notellin2200d ago

Original Xbox one is 1.31 teraflops. Nintendo Switch is speculated to be most certainly above 1 teraflop but not more than the 1.84 of the original PS4 and some places believe it to be below the Xbox One.

But the switch is just estimated and regardless this is impressive for something you can take anywhere you go!

TheFirstClassic2200d ago

Fast rmx also maintains 60 fps for 4 player splitscreen, which is pretty impressive. It also keeps a steady 60 fps better than the wii u at a higher resolution with better lighting and particle effects so its probably a decent bit more powerful. I think the switch is probably closer to an xbox one than the wii u, people forget how many 900p 30fps games the xbone has.

SirBradders2200d ago

Resolution is one thing detail is another please don't get them confused.

You can have a 1080p game look better than a 4k game. Your comment makes no sense.

TheFirstClassic2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I am aware of the difference, not sure what your point is? I think the switch's ability to run a game that looks as good as rmx as well as it does shows that it is more than a slightly upgraded wii u.