Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Head Statement Breakdown

Breakdown of key points from the recent statement released by the Head of the Xbox Backwards Compatible Games program in regards to its future, how the system works and the demand for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

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annoyedgamer1404d ago

The fact that BLOPS 2 is being considered ahead of MW2 which is older is quite telling.

XanderZane1404d ago

Read the article and you might understand why that is happening.

With the XBox 360, Microsoft put the B/C emulator and application into the system update. So even if you are offline, I believe it will still run your original XBox games. Most likely they will do the same thing with the XBox One. Instead of the game downloading from a server it will probably just download from your game disk after it's authenticated. At least you won't have to rebuy any of the games if you own the disks.

IndominusRex1404d ago

I have a feeling they will "remaster" blops 2 and sell it with treyarchs next cod. Similar to the Infinite warfare/cod 4 bundle

2pacalypsenow1404d ago

I would much rather have MW2 than Black Ops 2

solderman1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

What happens to the backwards compatibility when Microsoft stop supporting the Xbox One online? Does that mean it no longer works?

or is this just Microsoft doing PS2 Classics but the only difference is they let you put in a disc to download the game.

I thought true backwards compatibility was done at a system level and supported 95% of the total library and doesn't require you to download the game again.

KillBill1404d ago

"or is this just Microsoft doing PS2 Classics but the only difference is they let you put in a disc to download the game." - solderman

Really, the only difference you see between PS2 classics and MS BC is the physical disk thing... not that PS2 Classics have to be bought again if you already own them?

krypt19831404d ago

It doesn't matter if they stop supporting xb1 every game that is bc and bc in the future along with whatever game or accessories you buy from here on out will work on any platform that supports xbox live its that simple

rainslacker1403d ago

Yes, if MS drops download/network support for X1, and removes the ability to download games to the system, then BC will not likely work.

Technically, this is emulation, not BC. It's a BC solution though. It's a suitable solution considering how the system is designed to work by playing games off the hard drive and not the discs themselves. There is no reason why games couldn't run off the disc of course, but it would take a pretty major change to the way the system operates to actually do so.

I wouldn't say this is the same as PS2 classics. Those are re-released games, with new code made to add in trophies. PS2 classics also require making a separate purchase. It's not a BC solution, but a new product being released due to the added trophy content.

Sony obviously does have a working PS2 emulator for PS4 if they managed to get PS2 classics, and there is nothing that should keep them from releasing it other than them not wanting to. They wouldn't be able to do it in the same way as MS without some major adding of PS2 digital games on the PS Store. Not many of those exist, since the PS3 didn't really have that many. However, all 360 games exist on the store. So it's kind of a different situation, where even if Sony offered a similar solution, they wouldn't have the content on the store to back it up. This would mean they'd almost have to allow the game to work from the disc itself, and even if they did that, it wouldn't be 100% BC, because some PS2 games were released on CD's, which PS4 doesn't read.

So basically, there are technical and practical reasons why it wouldn't be as robust on PS4, and would require some changes to how the system is designed. Many of those things could be done, but I don't think Sony feels that it's really that important. Even with PS2 classics, there aren't that many to think that they're trying to milk it out the wazoo, so it's likely just a matter of practicality.

I think Sony would do well to allow PS2, and even PS1 games to be made available on PS4, even without the trophy enhancements. It would open up revenue streams for those older games, and like the PS3, it could remain up to the publisher if they want to allow it. Then maybe Sony could explore some BC solution.

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Artemidorus1404d ago

Stop looking backwards and look forwards Microsoft.

boomtube19871404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

yeh they should charge u for BC by steaming them like Sony does

Artemidorus1404d ago

No they should abandon BC and focus on fresh new ideas.

Buy an Xbox 360 if you want to play old games.

YEP4141404d ago

Theirs 100s of Xbox 360 games I haven't played.. to be honest theirs like 40plus Xbox one games I haven't touched .. backwards is the truth

JasonKCK1403d ago

Why should anyone want to buy an extra device for BC? Do you buy older PC's for older PC games?

annoyedgamer1404d ago

At this point there are no titles in either console that I am willing to play. I would rather have working copies of old games like Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 so BC works for me.

Gman321404d ago

Just because you dont like it or want it other people like me like playing new and old xbox360 games but i think you just wanted to come on say something negative about backswards compatible

nevarDcirE1403d ago

I just started playing assassins creed rogue through BC. It released after Xbox one did, so I regrettably missed it.

But luckily, I now get to play it, without buying a new Xbox 360, while making use of video captures and screenshots. But perhaps the biggest plus is being able to play it with my elite controller.

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