Eurogamer: GTR: Evolution Review

Eurogamer writes: "Poor old SimBin. They really don't have a clue when it comes to making race sims. Look at this one: no quad bikes, no supertrucks, no dune buggies, no karts. No nitrous bottles or touge battles, no skill stats or slo-mo crashes. Hell, you don't even get to negotiate your own sponsorship deals (sorry Anusol) or floor your arch-nemesis/cyborg half-brother in a pit lane punch-up.

It's almost as if the studio considered such things unimportant. It's almost as if they consciously decided to channel all their skill and industry into trivialities like physics, track modelling and AI."

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meepmoopmeep4070d ago

looking at the screenshots i think the 360 version is more superior

W S K4069d ago

*** @ meepmoopmeep ***

OH´re absolutely right! "have to agree with you"...BUT! thats because "gtr Evo" is based on the GFX engine from "RACE 07" ( and thats more than a year old )

For that game you mentioned ( RACE 08 ...or RACE 360???...whatever ) they used the NEW "Lizard" Engine.
I think its the third version right now...but i'm not sure :-)

*** AND FOR THE REST OF YOU *** (maybe some of you already know this game):

I just hope they don't tone the simulation aspect they ALWAYS do in console games.

The game itself is REALLY good.
The Tracks are absolutely authentic...every tree is where it should bee, every bump on the track when the car jumps...thats AWESOME! :D
...and the "Nordschleife" ( MY FAVORITE TRACK...THE GREEN HELL!!! :D ) who almost everyone knows from "PGR2", "GT4", "PGR3" and "Forza 2" is maybe the best digital clone in here...until now.
The cars drive how you would expect it, the reaction of the bumpers, the sound, the shaking of the c0ckpit (you can really feel the power of your car and the roughness of the track)...that all defines RACING...THE must feel it. PRETTY REALISTIC if you´re asking me...FOR A GAME *keeps that in the back of his head* :D

Yeah... ;-) SO...that game got me that feeling on the PC and i must say i have no steering wheel (maybe something like the "G25" from Logitech *dream*)
HELL...then would the game even be more fun *heart is near flatline* xD .

No...jokes aside...

*"If you're into racing REAL RACE CARS and GRID was too arcady for you then this is something you should/MUST look for"*.