GamesRadar: Galaga Legions Review

GamesRadar writes: "When the original Galaga came out, we were speechless. That's not unusual for a baby, but we grew up, learned to speak, played Galaga, and liked it. To say Galaga Legions adds something new to that ancient shooter would be missing the point. The new thing – the ability to place two turrets anywhere you like – is this game. Its resemblance to Galaga is tenuous enough to warrant a paternity test. You can now fly freely around, and nudging the right thumbstick up, down, left or right drops one of your detachable guns facing in that direction. That's one less gun firing directly up alongside your main cannon, but being able to pummel foes from three directions at once is a pretty big deal."

You'll love

* Inventive, fun gameplay
* Surprising amount of strategy
* Beautiful shoals of enemies

You'll hate

* Not pure twitch shoot-em-up
* Tenuous resemblance to Galaga
* Only 5 stages

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