Everything Wrong With Horizon Zero Dawn (No Spoilers)

PlayStation LifeStyle lists everything wrong with Horizon Zero Dawn.

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andrewsquall1724d ago ShowReplies(1)
gammaray131724d ago

all your points are absolutely ridiculous, also your voice is horrible

ninsigma1724d ago

Well that seems an unnecessary comment to make.

The points are ridiculous because there isn't much to complain about with horizon so all that's left is nitpicking :)

aksmashh1724d ago

Games amazing but most of his points are valid

Ironically his voice is very robotic

Anyone bought the arrow rifle?
Finding it useless and I paid almost a 1000 shards!!

Ra3v3r1724d ago

You need to be close and hit them with a few at either side to keep them pinned. I struggled.with it to begin with but got it after a while. 2-4 usually pulls one to the ground.

He has a point about the AI, it's really stupid but the rest are nitpicking. It's a great game, but I am already swamped with icons, I've tried off the HD so I can keep focussed.

rainslacker1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Is one of the points it's a PS exclusive published by Sony?

PSLS seems to have an unhealthy hate of everything PS, which seems out of phase with a site which is supposedly a PS fan site. They weren't always like this, but I think Sony pissed them off or something.

guyman1724d ago

Smfh. This absolutely the worst series out there in gaming journalism.

Sunny_D1724d ago

Guys, they gave the game a 10. No need to go ballistic for pointing out things a game can do better because no game is perfect.

I'm not done playing the game, in fact I'm still early as hell in the game. One thing I wish they allowed is the ability to go inside multiple buildings like the Witcher 3 did.

Another thing that's not really a criticism but more of a wish would have been the ability to ride the big ass robots like the Thunderjaw. NOW that would be awesome.

ninsigma1724d ago

Mass destruction via thunder jaw. That sounds amazing 😂

LucasRuinedChildhood1724d ago

For some reason, I'm not really enjoying the game. Maybe it's because I'm feeling a bit sick right now but a lot of the gameplay isn't really clicking with me (the larger robot fights are pretty good though and the story and the characters are great). I'm already bored of melee combat and fighting Humans and Watchers.

Everyone else loves the game so I kind of feel like the odd one out on this one. I know some morons like to troll but I've played about 7 hours of the game and this is just my genuine opinion. It think it feels both unique and generic; fun and boring; a good challenge at times and way too easy. I also liked the game a lot more before it completely lets you loose on the open-world. Maybe I should just take a break from it for a while or something. On paper I should love this game - I don't know what's going on.

ninsigma1724d ago

You say you're bored of melee combat so maybe that's why you're not enjoying it?? In HZD the melee combat is secondary while bow and arrow is the primary form of attack. This makes the melee combat as basic as wildly swinging a light or heavy strike. Not sure if youre focusing on melee or not just that's what I picked up on based on your bored of melee comment which struck me as odd when the main combat is bow and arrow. If that's what you're doing, maybe try change it up a bit :) before release I was definitely unsure on the bow and arrow combat being primary but having played it now I found it great fun. For me it nails the combat pretty well. If after trying different styles it still doesn't click, perhaps the combat mechanics just aren't for you. Nothing wrong with that!

jeremyj29131724d ago

I was the same way with Witcher 3. I plan to go back to it at some point but I just wasn't as into it as I'd hoped to be.

ninsigma1724d ago

Imo wither 3 didn't have great combat. It was pretty basic but the rest of the game makes up for it. Well worth going back to it if you find the time :)

Sparta071724d ago

" I'm already bored of melee combat and fighting Humans and Watchers. " 😳

I hardly ever use melee attacks, only when I'm going in on a sneak kill.
Soooooo many things to do in Horizon I don't understand how you could get bored.
It's your opinion and I respect that. I'm not attacking you.
There are games out there that people love but I hate. Everybody has different taste.

kreate1724d ago

only time I felt bored was listening to all those audio files. everything else was great.

nveenio1724d ago

@LucasRuinedChildhood, you fight humans and watchers? I just take them out instantly with head/eye shots, or override the watchers to deal with everything else while I pass through the area with other intentions.

rainslacker1724d ago

Maybe put it down and try something else?

Then come back to it when you're more in the mood?

Sometimes I can't get into a game at one point....often true for a highly anticipated game which I pick up when I'm not in the mood to play that kind of game....but then end up loving it later.

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arkard1724d ago

What difficulty are you on? Harder difficulties don't allow melee to be so much of an option and make you have to rely in your bow and precision aiming.

LucasRuinedChildhood1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I'm playing it on Hard although I can easily increase it to Very Hard (no trophies for difficulty and you can just switch it in the Pause Menu). I only brought up the melee combat because the enemies really tend to rush you (especially the Human AI) and if they have low health, a melee strike is very effective. Maybe it's my own fault, but because the Watchers are so weak if they attack I just instinctively melee them. Otherwise I just kill them with a head-shot.

The melee combat wasn't really the heart of my complaint though. I think my biggest issues with the game is the human-only encounters and that traversing the world can be a bit monotonous if a mountable robot-type isn't around.

I don't know what they are called, but the fight against the Spider Robot after [potential spoilers I suppose] you become a Seeker was great. If fights like these become more frequent and the Humans just get mixed in with robots (as opposed to having so many Human-only fights) I think I'll really start to enjoy the game. As I said though, I think I'm going to take a break from it.

arkard1724d ago

To much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I don't know how many breaks I took from the Witcher, but still one of my most cherished games this generation. Hopefully everything pulls you back in when you come back to it and it leaves you feeling satisfied and not dissapointed.

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ninsigma1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

AI wise I agree with human AI. It's as basic as it gets really but I found the machine AI to be great! I was fighting a ravager yesterday in a small space so I was ropcasting him. He was half way to being fully pinned and couldn't reach me due to the placing of the ropes but that mofo DROPPED its own frigging armour so it wasn't tied down as much and managed to reach me and get a hit in! I was impressed.

What I didn't agree with is the fast travel pack. I was initially disappointed of course to find that having finally gotten a travel pack it was a one time use but then found out about the golden pack which completely makes that a non issue. Sure it was pretty pointless having both perishable AND unlimited fast travel in the game but I also felt it was a pointless point to make. Then again they did give fair warning about nitpicking at the start of the video 😂

Can't disagree with the shoulder camera. While I haven't had too much issue with it, being able to switch shoulders for better views isn't a bad idea.

Agree on machine control. I've often found myself wishing I could just point an overridden machine into a bandit den or machine site. Not a massive issue but it would have been nice.

I was quite surprised at the beginning that I couldn't aim while balancing on a rope actually. And I agree having two skills to extend your override time seems fairly fillerish. I was also quite shocked to find that having to done 3 cauldrons I only had one left to do. I think they could have been varied a bit more too.

I've had bosses repeat the same things as well. Not too big a deal but ya know, an extra bit of effort into that dialogue would have been nice considering the rest of the games dialogue is great would have been nice.

Outfit and mod combo for stealth is crazy nit picky because it's completely optional lol. Agreed that Aloy is pretty adept at stealth as it is. In fact she's so much so that I feel there's no point in actually having stealth boosts. She's already freaking ninja xD so I don't bother prioritising stealth at all.

A couple extra from me:
Climbing is fairly simplistic in HZD. Most of the time you can just point the thumb sticks in the direction you want and she'll pretty much auto climb a part from the points where the next point is far away.

This is a general game issue that happens in a lot of games and mostly open world games. Some times textures can be slow to load I've found.

Lastly, I've seen a disconnect between characters speech and their lip movement. It's possibly a delay to my sound bar but I'm pretty sure I've seen it when playing out of the tv speakers too.

Great game overall though and is one of my favorites this generation. Can't say it's my favorite this year because it's the first 2017 game of bought or played 😂

MRMagoo1231724d ago

yup the A.I on the robots is way higher than I thought it would be , it's actually surprising GG didn't brag about it imo.

ninsigma1724d ago

No need to brag. Let the work speak for itself :)

Liqu1d1724d ago

I was surprised to see the shellwalkers walk around my tripwires.

_-EDMIX-_1724d ago

Absolutely 100% agreed.

Those are all my same issues I felt that the human enemies we're almost afterthoughts they're interesting but they're not as complex as a robotic dinosaurs.

How you go after Target in fight each robot is what makes the game so amazing the idea of being able to set up traps and also being able to tie down specific types based on their strength is pretty amazing.

The physics of tieing down specific robots is what nails it for me simply because using the weapon to tie them down doesn't exactly fix the problem you still need to aim at specific body parts to make sure they stay down

The animations in regards to their speech is also something that I've noticed.

Another gripe that I have that I don't really think is a big technical issue but just how I personally like to play is her character doesn't dynamically climb specific edges they seem to be only edges specifically designed for her. I would like that to be explored a little more. I know this game wasn't specifically made to be some huge platformer but they already opened up the can of worms by having her climb at all lol

In regards to overriding robots I feel like I could have use that technique a lot more. Lol I just love fighting them head-on and stuff killing them but when you do override a robot in it goes beserk helping you it's pretty cool

This is still one of my favorite games this generation but it is not without fault.

This is still early in the series so I hope that all those issues are fixed with the sequels.

ninsigma1724d ago

The robots having different types is great and really makes you think, especially when they mix up the types of machines in a certain area.

I would definitely like to see more meaningful climbing in future instalments.

Yeah I don't override too often either but I do love watching machines like the chargers or strikers completely flip out when they're fight the other other machines xD

saffron3d1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

Would you say that the human AI is one of the worst AI you have ever seen on video gaming history? The way some talk about it make me think it is, when it's probably just hyperbole.

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