GamesRadar: FEAR 2: Project Origin Preview

GamesRadar writes: "Monolith tells me that its pint-sized mascot of terror, Alma, is going to "touch me more" in FEAR 2, and that's a bad thing. I've got a general policy of keeping 8-year-old girls who command psychic clone armies at arm's length, and if you're like me, you perfected your "backpedal-while-screaming-and-jamming-the-trigger" technique in the first FEAR.

Monolith's staying true to its acronym (which it recently bought back the rights to from Sierra), but just as your character's slow-mo ability lets you manage scary shootouts, balancing the horror with empowering action is part of the game's plan. If I told you that I strapped into a bipedal tank and sprayed rockets and chaingun fire at helpless Replica squads (occasionally dismembering them with said weapons) in FEAR 2, would you believe me? It happened. And considering how pesky the mini-mechs were in the first game, handing out a few missile locks was sweet revenge."

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TheWickedOne4072d ago

Just Finished the 1st one. Was actually really good. Some of the best AI. Probably won't be a day 1 purchase but I'll get it sooner than later.