Yonder brings Legend of Zelda experience to PS4 and PC | Grab It

The oddly named Australian indie developer Prideful Sloth is cooking up an adventure game in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles that’s very Zelda-esque.

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corroios2149d ago

Perfect 10. No contest there.

2pacalypsenow2149d ago

No Zelda in the title so at most a 8/10

G20WLY2149d ago

But it is a bit like Zelda - does that not qualify for the Zelda review pass?

Imalwaysright2149d ago

Oh yes every reviewer gave Zelda a pass... Every single one of them

XbladeTeddy2149d ago

Even if it was a new IP without Zelda it still would have got those scores. It's just a brilliant game, it doesn't even feel like a Zelda game at times as it's so different in a lot of places.

Gazondaily2149d ago

Lol at the Zelda hate.....

-Foxtrot2149d ago

Pretty much

It could have frame rate issues, AC Unity bugs and Skyrim glitches yet they'd be ignored

Qdog2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )


joab7772149d ago

I do believe that if Zelda had released in X1 it would still be raved about but flaws would be highlighted in 2017 and it would get 8.5-9's.

eferreira2149d ago

As someone who owns every Zelda complete including the cdi and bs versions. This game is no where near a perfect 10. Great? Yes but not amazing...

Vegamyster2149d ago


Lots of high scoring games have had framerate issues, it doesn't have Unity's bugs/issues and Skyrim while having bad bugs & framerate issues (near unplayable on PS3 later in the game) got a 96/100 lol. The odd framerate drop is the only issue I've experienced in the game after about 6-7 hours with the game, which is pretty impressive give how it's a open world with lots of physics going on.

Big_Game_Hunters2149d ago

but it dididn't have AC unity like bugs so your "point" holds no weight.
As for the framerate, A review score isn't a checklist, The game was just so damn good that reviewers looked past the framerate. Even though i would personally not give it a10 because the framerate.

bluefox7552149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Pretty much this, lol. It's interesting to compare the User score (a mere 7.7) on metacritic with it's metascore. Intersting to compare that with a game like Nier Automata, which is at 90 metascore and has a 9.1 User Score. You can't deny there is a disconnect between the way the reviewers have seen Zelda and how the average player has.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2148d ago

You do know Zelda: Breath of the Wild Userscore was sabotage by trolls and haters.
Making only two reviews for both games giving them 0

Monster_Tard2148d ago

Tri Force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors didn't receive high scores.

S2Killinit2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Lets focus on the game.
It actually looks really good.

uth112148d ago

@G20WLY - the reviews will be "feels derivative 2/10"

Elimin82148d ago

Here, let me fix that for you.

Xelda: Breath of the Wild?

How's that?

XisThatKid2148d ago

This is my exact point. Nintendo frequently starves its fans and the rest of us they may once had respect for the Big N continued to play games even inspired by their once great franchises and some even play upon these formulas even better at times, Especially Zelda formula. There's so many options for ones that don't want to delve in their wallets to buy new hardware just to play a couple games that can be semi experienced on a console or system they already own. Now granted some of these games won't have the name recognition and respect that some even find undeserving these days but not supporting these lesser known titles simply because it doesn't have a Ninty franchise name is at least in my eyes wrong.

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Stronk2149d ago

We're still butthurt over Zelda being the best game so far this decade?

-Foxtrot2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Yet no one says why

It's lifeless, enemy variant is shallow, locations have lack of variety unlike past games (just fields), music isn't as good, dungeons are again not up to scratch

There's good things sure, it's a good game but most things which you could try and praise we've seen from many other games over the past which have done most of these features better

Qdog2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )


You are entitled to your opinion and I respect it, but I strongly disagree. Judging by your complaints, it appears that you haven't even played Breath of The Wild.

There are a host of completely harvestable flora and fauna, with both predator and prey animals at play, there are also unique animals and creatures depending on the climate of the area. Birds, bugs, amphibians, fish, reptiles, predatory animals and prey animals, they're all there and all react to the weather, same as the npcs.

There are fields yes, and for a game mechanic to be feasible, the setting is important. There are also detailed villages, ruins of civilizations long past, caves, coves, lagoons, lingering battlefields littered with burned houses and the machinations of war but now infested with humanoid creatures, mountains, enemy strongholds in both high and low orientations, secrets galore, dense woodlands and forests, swamplands, heck there are even detailed islands. One I accidentally got stuck on a random unmarked island because it turned into a scavenge and survive shrine scenario, where all my gear was taken and I had to scavenge and survive until I could successfully sneak past enemy encampments and put three orbs into their holders to pass the test. That's just one example of many.

There could be more enemy types, but every enemy has multiple tier and elemental variations.

Some shrines are boring, others are challenging and elaborate.

The music in my opinion is really good, sparse though appropriate. It lulls into security, builds tension, compliments dire battles, and generally fits with every new instance and every new area explored.

I already touched on the dungeons, and it sounds again like you've not actually played the game.

All this without even touching on the hunting and meal/potion crafting mechanics, or the legendary gear, or the weapon and armor upgrades.

Any game could be better, sure...but Nintendo was smart to integrate mechanics from other genres in order to better flesh out the Hyrule Fantasy.

-Foxtrot2149d ago

Well I have so....don't assume next time

The split second you start a counter argument with something like "I don't think you've played it" then I don't want to's a poor, generic come back people use to start an counter argument so they can try and play down the other persons comment.

You don't know me so next time don't assume.

Qdog2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )


You don't know me either, it's better that way. Also, I don't have to know you to read what you wrote and tell you what it sounds like to other people, again you aren't me so don't assume you know what my motivations are.

As well, I started my comment with the tone of respect for dissenting opinion, you started off with assumptions and accusations. I'm not here to argue, just to inform you that it sounds like you missed a whole lot of the BOTW premise and implementation.

Stronk2149d ago


If you truly DO want to know why, i suggest reading an review. They're alot better at explaining these things then me... not that it takes alot. I'll give you my input on the game anyway though!

Though, first off, you're starting your reply off with an flat-out lie, makes it hard to take you seriously... there's over 160 different creatures in this game, the most in the series so far (not counting allies). I've only unlocked 4 out of 15 towers and i've traversed giant mountains of snow and ice, one of which contains the biggest dragon i've ever seen a video game, places of fire and lava, ancient laberynths, old ruins, decaying castles, lakes and rivers traversable by boat, forests, swamps, caves, several towns, seas, islands, locations filled with technology, an oasis, an massive colosseum filled with different enemies ... I could go on forever. I have no idea how you can say this game lacks variety. Explain to me, please?

Also, i suggest listening to the official BotW ost... you'll eat your words in mere minutes. Only done one dungeon so far, and it was a delight to actually be stuck for a while. Haven't experienced that in a game for a long time; that goes for the previous zelda games aswell. I also died to the boss more then I do with your typical Dark Souls boss. I don't think i died a single time in Twilight Princess. How is that not up to scratch? Also, as an example, tell me of another game that has the same simplistic and freestyle cooking-system as BotW, one with hundreds if not thousands of different combinations of ingredients; but better?

bluefox7552149d ago

According to critics, not to actual gamers, far from it in fact.

BEASELY2149d ago

Fox, I think Qdog shut you down quite handily, and did so through the systematic listing of a fraction of what Zelda has to offer.

His brief, vivid description doesn't even scratch the surface of this game.

It's entertaining to see fanboys cling to the excellent Horizon in the face of the even more excellent Breath of the Wild.

It's ok; Sony will dethrone Nintendo once God of War 4 and Death Stranding drop. Your sleep will not be eternally lost, but for now, Nintendo's game of the generation will induce a fair bit of insomnia for you fanboys:(

TheOptimist2149d ago

*Best game so far according to Metacritic. There are amny people whom I know, think that it's a great game, just not the game of the decade. It is mostly between The Last Of Us, Witcher 3 and RDR

2148d ago
trooper_2148d ago

That's opinion, not fact.

Mikey Mike2148d ago

So far the best game of the decade is GTA V. Sales don't lie....

GottaBjimmyb2148d ago

@qdog Definitely agree that foxtrot is clearly making baseless claims, the game is actually quite diverse and the gameplay itself does quite a bit uniqeuly. (Though I don't think a game has to be groundbreaking to be a 10/10)

I myself think the reviews were maybe a bit too kind, but I certainly would not be surprised to hear so many thinkijg it is a 10/10 either, and definitely don't see the flaws foxtrot is proclaiming


LOL why would anyone? it only took an entire generation to get here and left you all nintendots with nothing worth playing for more than two years. No game is worth that!

Obscure_Observer2148d ago


Thank you for sharing your experience on BOTW. Exciting, detailed, deep and very well written.

Can´t wait to play it myself! Cheers! ;)

2148d ago
gammaray132148d ago

with an idiotic comment like that its obvious you haven't played any game for the last ten years or your only 10 years old and Zelda BOTW is the first game you have ever played

C_Ali882148d ago

Yes the butt hurt is strong here.... haven't been back in days too busy playing Zelda but its sad they're still trying to disparage a game they have never played because its the best game of the decade so far! That doesn't make your game of choice any worse it just isn't better than Zelda....

InTheZoneAC2148d ago

Zelda may be a good or great game, but to say it's the best this decade? Are we comparing hype levels or actual games? Because if anything zelda was rated almost perfect due to hype alone, that is a terrible thing to do.

Some games I would say are hitting high levels.

-Any Uncharted
-The Last of Us
-Tomb Raider Definitive Edition(this game definitely was great and was a lot better than I could ever expect)
-Grand Theft Auto 5
-Witcher 3
-Skyrim(it's still a very good game now but back then it was epic. We'll see if people are still playing Breath of the Wild in 6 years...)
-Fallout New Vegas

This list could go on but I'm going to stop, but not before I mention one last game and how it felt so epic from beginning to end. Yes those games I mentioned are all great, but something about this game just felt it belonged on top...God of War 3.

Of course though it's factually impossible to say one game is best. You have to compare games to similar genres and never compare a game that is apples to oranges.

subtenko2148d ago

You are degrading a good game more than it needs to be by making a statement like that you tool.....

C_Ali882148d ago


Umm I don't find TLOU to be an amazing game to play, As I have said in previous comments I rather enjoyed watching that game more than playing.

Any Uncharted?? that would be the same hype you're trying to dock Zelda for, not all uncharted games are created equal.

Tomb RAIDER??? lol no doubt a good game but great? Ehhh no, played it, got pretty far and left it....

Grand Theft Auto 5 is great and beats 4 completely buuuut honestly I hated the switching between 3 characters I beat the story and stopped playing.... Online couldn't grab me with how many people out to just destroy what you have.

Zelda is better than Skyrim...not even gonna break this down further.....

So yes out of all those games you mentioned Zelda is better in my opinion and quite frankly after spending what is now 80 hours in Zelda over 6 days I can tell you that those games are all limited in some way when compared to Botw...

Not hype, Experience.... I have played all of those games

PsN: Cvziggy88 Check for yourself

2148d ago
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Timesplitter142149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

The overblown UE3-esque blur & bloom is annoying to me

pleasuretokill2148d ago

At least it doesn't run at godawful 720p and 20fps like BotW. Zelda graphics and frame stuttering are so terrible that I shelved the game. Unacceptable performance in 2017

DaDrunkenJester2148d ago


Just curious are you playing on Wii U or Switch? My Switch has been running it fine, but my buddies on Wii U have been saying it has a lot of slow downs in towns and areas with a lot of grass.

pleasuretokill2148d ago


I'm playing on Wii U because I refuse to shell out $300 for hardware with terrible performance in 2017. I also have absolutely zero use for mobile gaming, so the Switch, to me is just a pathetically weak home console with no upside to it at all whatsoever. That and Zelda is the only game for the system that is even remotely worth buying.

C_Ali882148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )


You're being extremely shortsighted, I bought a ps4 to play Bloodborne guess what?? More games came out for it lol.... You don't shell out 300 for Zelda alone you make an investment toward the future games of this console. Stop using that tired excuse of spending 300$ for A game.... We do it with every system and we need to be honest with ourselves about it. You buy the system for the games it WILL have....

And yes the Wii u version is terrible I've heard but I have no problems with the switch version as I have exclusively played it in portable mode.

I'm sorry about your Wii U, I still own my but refuse to play Zelda for it.... Might buy it for a collectors item.

Well your second comment is why you'll miss out on a great game and possibly many in the future... Your loss.

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_-EDMIX-_2148d ago


Wow look how large that world is easily perfect score

looks like you could craft a series of items based on elements in the game absolutely one-of-a-kind and revolutionary this is never been done before, stand back everyone Game of the Year confirmed.

Nivekki2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

When you've played the game you can make an assumption on why the game got the scores. Until then you're the same dimwitted fucktard you've always been and continue to be.

If you weren't here, this would be a better place. There's not many on this site that I would think so about, but you are certainly one of them. You add nothing to the site except shitty essays basically repeating the same thing. You are a cancer.

Write another essay.

C_Ali882148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

lol he knows it too... Countless arguments with an ignoramus and sadly i'm the worse for it. I'd say "don't engage" but lol he will engage anyway with an essay conveying his childlike bias.... Have fun!!!

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SlappingOysters2149d ago

Looks good. Really does look like Zelda though. If a small indie can even come close to Nintendo it will be impressive.

sampson31212149d ago

it will get a 5/10 because it doesn't have Zelda in its title.

EddieNX 2149d ago ShowReplies(6)
CrimsonPheonix2149d ago

Calm down you guys don't be puppets. Zelda's awesome this game looks like it might be neat no need to s*** on each other

mad-dog2148d ago Show
Nintentional2148d ago

Come on, Yonder looks terrible. Look at the run animations, you cannot possibly even mention the game in the same sentence as Breath of the Wild. Just look at how awesome all the different pieces of armor you can get for Link look, and his swords, hammers, axes, shields, bows, claymore, and boomerangs are very detailed and there's so many of them to see in the game.

Set your Nintendo hate aside for just a week and play Breath of the Wild. It's truly a magnificent game worthy of every bit if praise it's been getting.

sampson31212148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

"Come on, Yonder looks terrible. Look at the run animations, you cannot possibly even mention the game in the same sentence as Breath of the Wild"

Horizon graphics shit on Zelda and has better running physics, so what's your point?
now you see what we are talking about. how can you compare a game that looks bad compared to a game like Horizon? lol same argument bruh!

i don't play Garbage, so no i won't be playing a frame rate, graphically underwhelming Zelda game.

now excuse me, i have amazing stuff like this to play.

Segata2148d ago


HZD has better physics? That's funny,the game doesn't really have any. Here you go side by side comparison of physics and details in both games.

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