Why Nintendo Needs to Save the Metroid Franchise

Nintendo's most unjustly neglected classic franchise is the perfect candidate for a big comeback on the Switch.

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addictedtochaos1355d ago

I'll be very surprised if Nintendo doesn't announce a new one at E3.

_-EDMIX-_1355d ago

I simply want a 2d Metroid game similar to Metroid Fusion or want a first person shooter Metroid from Retro Studios anything other than those two I'm simply going to ignore this company seems to be their King at messing up the most simplest things

For god sakes nobody's asking them to reinvent the wheel no one's even asking for half the crap their including in some of these properties, I feel they wasted so many opportunities simply because of desperately trying to change these franchises that no one's been asking them to change

For god sakes all you had to do was Starfox was have the damn person in the ship flying straight with the occasional all range mode and Nintendo managed to screw that up like always.

Sometimes I believe their Concepts that makes sense to just leave alone and keep a static and it seems that Nintendo has no idea how to do this and I believe they've actually wasted more potential from the series by desperately trying to change them the things that they're not supposed to be.

I would have happily bought three more Star Fox games that were simply just a linear path of flying fighting bosses with the occasional all range mode and they've managed to royally screw up the most simplest Concepts.