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FGE - I was in a blinding snowstorm, on top of a mountain no less, I was running low on herbs and ammo, and to make it worse I was staring down a giant mechanical bird that was shooting lighting at me. I knew I was at the end of my rope but so was it, it was going to be me or it; two entered only one was leaving. It dove at me with ferocity lighting sparking off its wings as I avoided it by the skin of my teeth. I knew hitting a moving target, one in the air especially, meant I would probably be wasting arrows I couldn’t afford to lose. I needed to ground the mammoth bird before it put me in the ground. Quickly I pulled out my rope caster, and fired spikes into the bird witch I then speared into the ground, tethering the beast.  Quickly I drew my bow and after having dueled with the monster for nearly fifteen minutes I slew the beast as the storm subsided. If you think that sounded like an amazing boss battle you’d be right, except it was something I just stumbled into while exploring the amazing world of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and trust me when I say the machine monsters are just the tip of the iceberg.

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