1UP: Mirror's Edge Preview

1UP writes: "I don't know what you know about Mirror's Edge. But let's assume I do. Let's assume what you know is what I knew a couple of weeks ago. That way, I can call this story "10 things you don't know about the game" without lying. I'll be a liar anyway if you look at the story twice, but let's give me a fighting chance.

Here's what I'm guessing you know: Mirror's Edge puts you in the shoes -- which are red, and thus important -- of a girl named Faith, whose gets chased by enemies with guns. They shoot at her, and she runs past them, hurdling fences and sliding under pipes, occasionally punching them or taking their guns and firing a few shots before moving on. It's a first-person chase game. It has nothing to do with this. And it all takes place in an alternate universe where everything is either colorful or white."

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