IGN: Ninjatown Multiplayer Hands-on

IGN writes: "After several solo visits to adorable Ninjatown we finally got to play its head-to-head multiplayer mode. Ninjatown is a Tower Defense-style game that plays like a breezy RTS. If you played PixelJunk Monsters on the PlayStation 3, this is pretty much the same thing with ninjas. Your task is to defend the titular town from waves of invading demons and evil ninjas. You have a limited amount of resources to build huts that spawn soldiers who will engage the attackers. Resource management is the name of the game, and you'll have to pick your build locations carefully.

Multiplayer matches play much like the single-player game, only you're competing to win each wave of enemies, or "round." Both players attend to the same map, separately on their own DS. The first to defeat a wave wins, and the loser has to give up a heart. You start with 10 hearts, and when they run out the match is over. To keep things interesting, the loser of a round takes half the winner's cookies, which are the resources you use to build ninja huts. We found a useful strategy is to spend your cookies upgrading your huts right before your victory. The winner receives a bonus attack such as a baby ninja that can be dropped into battle (it's too cute to ignore so your enemies will be distracted)."

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