Interview: Spore's Lead Designer On Spore's Design

Kieron Gillen: Much like everyone else, we've been thinking far too much about Spore recently. Alex Hutchinson, the game's lead designer, has been thinking about it for years. With the game released, we grabbed the opportunity to talk candidly and extensively with him about its design choices. From high level decisions like the actual in-game effect of customization to basic technical elements like the lack of autosave to the question of the sudden difficulty spike in Space (And the lack of difficulty elsewhere), he reveals Maxis' thinking. Whether you adore or abhor it, after reading this, you'll understand exactly why Spore is the game it is.

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skelter4070d ago

I wish more interviews read like that, where the questions are as intelligent and thought-provoking as the answers.

What was interesting (and disappointing, from a gamer's perspective) is Hutchinson made no bones about it being a casual game rather than an evolution simulator. I'll grant that the hype surrounding the game gave everyone a false sense of what it was going to be, but I'm pretty sure no one was quite expecting it to be as casual-friendly as it is. I mean, even The Sims has more depth than Spore in some places.