The Complete Legend of Zelda Timeline Story, Explained

With Breath of the Wild released upon the world, Twinfinite decided to thoroughly recap the entire Legend of Zelda timeline/

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Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Review - Virtual Reality Done Right | Terminal Gamer

TG writes: The Assassin's Creed franchise has been around a long time, and its newest addition lets you take on the Templars in virtual reality. Should you take the leap and dive into this VR game, or should you leave this one to history?

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generic-user-name12h ago

Hoping this makes the leap (of faith) to PSVR2.

jznrpg12h ago

Me too. I’d check out this AC game but the 2D games are stale

Profchaos11h ago

Same but given they use the pass though functionality of the Quest 3 for the animus IIM but holding my breath but they could do without those parts

generic-user-name1h ago

Well it already is out on Q2 which doesn't have MR (I don't think) so I doubt it can't be done.

Petebloodyonion9h ago

It's quite impressive that they were able to make a complete Assassin's Creed game on the Quest2 hardware.
I would love to see a real Quest3 version of the game (with improved graphics).

N4GTG6h ago

The Quest 2 isn't all that weak, but yes, a Quest Pro or Quest 3 only upgraded version would be awesome.

generic-user-name1h ago

I'd prefer a headset that isn't gimped by mobile processing like PSVR2 or Index.


PlayStation To Delete A Ton Of TV Shows Users Already Paid For

Sony says Mythbusters and more Discovery TV shows are going away whether you bought them or not.

darthv721d 19h ago

they have no choice... Its the content holders decision and I'd assume this will affect other services as well.

just_looken1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Not the point they did this in the past and continue to take your money without the end user knowing its not a purchase but a rental. If this was a video game like the all mighty spiderman everyone would flip there shit


Marvel buys spiderman ip pulls every game from ps5 makes it multiplat "remaster" version every sony cult member would riot LOL

Obscure_Observer1d 11h ago

"Marvel buys spiderman ip pulls every game from ps5 makes it multiplat "remaster" version every sony cult member would riot LOL"


MrBeatdown1d 11h ago

"without the end user knowing its not a purchase but a rental."

How dumb do you have to be to not realize the servers for whatever random thing you buy digitally won't be around until the end of time? I know I ain't passing down my Vudu account to my grand kids.

Gamingsince19811d 9h ago

People don't realise that digital content isn't permanent and you never own it ??? Weird because it's in the tos.

1d 5h ago
just_looken1d 4h ago


But i have spiderman on my pc/ps4 and do not want to buy a $800 plastic box.

I also have saved over $300 this year thanks to gamepass because in the old days we went to a store it was call a video rental store aka blockbuster/movie gallery video stop.

These magic places you could rent stuff no it really before 2010 the world was a thing and we had rental's income you could live off of and a friendly no mass killing society.

In these magic buildings you would pay what we pay for gamepass to rent games and if you liked them you buy them just a crazy thing i know but it was real. So because i used to go to these fantasy buildings i enjoy gamepass as its basicaly my yearly blockbuster budget and or a price of 1 point 5 games per year.

NotoriousWhiz1d 2h ago

Won't stop me from buying digital, but trust and believe that if they try to take my stuff. I will find other means to get it back. 🏴‍☠️

badz1491d 1h ago

You do know if they could buy the Spidey IP back from Sony THAT easily, they would have done it long ago, right?

shinoff21831d ago (Edited 1d ago )

I mean that kinda is the point. What should Sony do? Their not removing it. Cute try though at the bash

Go physical. These type of things will continue to happen.

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shadowT1d 11h ago

No, Phil Spencer would solve this issue by buying Warner.

DarXyde1d 5h ago

Affect others? Very likely. It starts with Sony, but I doubt they'll be the last.

This right here from the article gets to me:

“Is there a way I can save this content?” asked one panicked PlayStation user on Reddit. “I use PS4...But I have bought many seasons of shows such as Dual Survival that I do not wish to lose. I was actually under the impression since I owned it, I wouldn’t ever lose it…”

This is a substantial concern of mine. There are many people who make digital purchases and because they have not been inconvenienced by what licensing entails in comparison to ownership (yet), there's a passive acceptance of this happening—likely, they don't know. It's easy to say they should have read the ToS, but I think Sony owes those users store credit *at minimum*.

If people are content with throwing money at things where a merger could light that money on fire, have at it. But companies NEED to do a better job of informing people and they REALLY need to drop the price of digital purchases. You do NOT have the same rights and access as physical media holders and that needs to be reflected in the pricing. $30-40 seems appropriate. What's worse, you're restricted to PSN pricing schemes, so they can lower prices at a Nintendo pace.

I feel bad for owners of the original PS5DE, but I'll give Sony some credit for allowing slim DE owners a means of adopting physical media now. It's a way to address a growing concern, but I still contend the general public knows very little about digital purchases.

shinoff21831d ago

I've always figured most people prefer the digital so they don't have to get the fk off the couch or whatever their sitting on. All because of that your willing to lose ownership.

JackBNimble12h ago

Shinoff that's such a load of propaganda claiming physical means you own the media... you don't. You have access to the license, that's it that's all.

-Foxtrot18h ago

Still pretty f****** shitty

This is always why physical whether it’s music, film or games matter

JackBNimble12h ago

You guy's need to stop making excuses for Sony. Isn't this part of the reason they increased psn? They should have done something regardless if it cost them money.

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Snookies121d 19h ago

*cough* physical media *cough* Granted, these days I buy most media digitally. But, this is why physical media should NEVER go away.

just_looken1d 6h ago

But it has australia and now new zeland no longer have them and every walmart/bestbuy in north America is getting rid of them.

I have recently seen the old code in a box when you buy a movie now.



shinoff218323h ago

And maybe they change their mind when sales drop. Their pratically giving their money to amazon and other online stores. Anytime i ever walked into best buy it was for a movie or a game. Ive no reason to go now. Sometimes id buy other things not related to my reason for going

Chocoburger1d 18h ago

I hate how digital rights are handled, and hope physical media doesn't go away (at least in my life time). Fortunately I know better than to purchase TV shows and movies digitally.

Mulando1d 7h ago

Physical media goes away after about 20-30 years because the media degrades

Chocoburger1d 6h ago

We don't know that for sure, 41 year old game tapes on the Spectrum still work to this day. No one knows how long blu-rays will last.
Furthermore, your own physical media is easier to back up onto a hard drive, and from an old hard drive to newer hard drives as the decades wear on.