How To Remove A Stuck Joy-Con Wrist Strap

Our first time with the Nintendo Switch resulted in 30 minutes with a stuck Joy-con strap.

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PolishWingedHussar1737d ago

Dude, thank you. I got it home last night at 3am, wasn't paying attention, and put it on backwards. It's nearly impossible to rip off and I was concerned I'd have to shell out $80 for replacements. Talk about a mini heart attack!

1737d ago
Gazondaily1737d ago

Same here! Three if us almost broke the damn thing.

The instructions are useless

Razputin1737d ago

If you can't do wrist straps, you should reconsider your life.

PeaSFor1737d ago

saw it live in a videogame podcast, all it took was one moment of inattention and it was stuck(like VERY STUCK in place), they struggled for a good15 minutes to get it unstuck and even calling it an incoming joycon gate, joking about it and looking very insecure about damaging the rail when you will get peoples that arent really savy about tech stuff or childrens using it, it may be a serious problem incoming.

Razputin1737d ago

Sorry, your depressed emotional ass didn't understand that, that was a sarcastic joke. WTF is wrong with you people.

I don't care if its an actual problem. I could care less, just making a joke.

PeaSFor1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

holy shit dude, you must be really popular in a party, you are very funny and clearly likable..





conanlifts1737d ago

It's easily done. Seems like a design flaw to me.

MetroidFREAK211737d ago

Even when they are on right, they are a pain to get off

1737d ago
conanlifts1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

They are annoying. Not sure how long it will be until i lose them. But yes i got them sick yesterday and had to force them off.
Also docking undocking them i have a tendancy to push the trigger buttons.

Realplaya1737d ago

Well at least Nintendo knows no one will be complaining the controllers flew out their hands.

NapalmSanctuary1737d ago

Dammit man, I did this... cause I'm a hunderd pusent jenius, like my boxers say :P