Will Horizon Zero Dawn's Success Bring the End for Killzone?

What does Horizon Zero Dawn's success mean for the future of Killzone?

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VaporCell592d ago

Why no? They certaintly haven't forgotten about it. Pretty sure they will revisit it wth all their gained knowledge slecially since they have kojuma

blitz0623592d ago

The Last of Us didn't end Uncharted. GG is as capable of carrying 2 franchises like ND, so it wouldn't be surprising to see them make KZ5 and potentially end it there, then make a sequel to Horizon the same way ND just ended Uncharted and is now on TLoU2

nX591d ago

My hope is that they now work on substantial Horizon DLC as well as a new Killzone with a much darker story than Shadowfall.

InMyOpinion592d ago

Probably the other way around. Horizon's success will help Guerrilla to continue making Killzone games. Now they have two IP's to alternate between.

IamTylerDurden1592d ago

Just like Naughty and Uncharted/TLoU, i think Killzone and Horizon will be GG's two ongoing franchises.

SweetLeafSmoker591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

I don't think so... go look on Guerrilla Games official website... within the last 36 hours they just posted 8 new job openings...


something tells me they are already looking to grow their team off the success of Horizon: Zero Dawn.... they ain't fucking around.

Killzone and Horizon are both here to stay.

Ausbo591d ago

They must be doing well because usually hiring doesn't take place until development ramps up for a game. Usually staff is thinnest after launching a new game

_-EDMIX-_591d ago


I didn't know that that's actually really good to hear

Bigpappy591d ago

I don't see why. A franchise should end when a developer looses passion for it and good ideas are hard to come by.

_-EDMIX-_591d ago

Agreed why does it need to? Sony could just have another team work on the Killzone series.

Infamous did not spell the end to Sly Cooper

Resistance fall of Man the not spell the end to Ratchet & Clank

even Uncharted did not spell the end of Jak and Daxter as naughty dog actually confirmed they were working on Jak 4 at some point.

They're going to make Killzone for as long as the developer has ideas and concepts for the future of the series .

I believe Sony might do it if they feel that they need to fill in a gap in the first person shooter category or if the developer has enough ideas to justify its existence

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greysun123593d ago

I could these them do a sequel for Horizon in the next few years so say bye to Killzonr

BozoLoco593d ago

Excuse my ignorance but does Guerrilla own the Killzone IP? Could another dev take over?

Rimeskeem593d ago

I'd assume they do as they own GG.

I would also find it hilarious if Sony let Bungie take over killzone.

bigpiece591d ago

sony doesnt own bungie that would never happen...

shadowknight203591d ago

Activision owns Bungie. So no to Bungie and Killzone. Plus ever heard of Destiny? Yeah Activision wouldn't let that money go...

PLAYWATCH76591d ago

Sony owns Guerrilla so Sony owns Killzone IP.

Razzer591d ago

Exactly. So if someone else does Killzone then it would be a second party situation.

Killzone isn't dead, imo. But I think Guerrilla has moved on to better things in Horizon.

_-EDMIX-_591d ago

Sony Computer Entertainment owns Guerilla Games

Sony Computer Entertainment owns the intellectual property to Killzone

-Foxtrot593d ago

Like I've said if they want to experiment with a SPIN OFF which is third person and you get to explore a massive map on Earth dealing with a Helghan invasion as your community tries to fight back then I wouldn't mind seeing that. Maybe set in the suburbs or something.

Would change things up a bit. Long as it's a spin off and not a main game ruining it's FPS franchise roots then I don't see the problem. I just feel GG make better open world/third person games which show off more of what they can do.

_-EDMIX-_591d ago

I just don't see that happening killzone's concept is deeply embedded into actually being a first person shooter based on what you physically doing that game.

The idea of the game is more so a physical thing so it's very difficult to try to get that same thing from a third person shooter when the idea of the game was never really made it to be that.

That could sort of work with RPGs where the idea of the game is more so conceptually than literally where perception is irrelevant but it being a first person shooter is kind of about it being in first person in the first place.

If this was a game that had more to do with what you did then how it felt then I would agree with you but there's too much that's done inside the first person perspective to actually suggested to be that.

I mean they would probably be better off simply just making a new intellectual property.

Outside_ofthe_Box591d ago


Having a third person Killzone would be weird as heck. Like a first person Uncharted would be weird too.

It isn't that GG makes better open world games it's that when they don't have to worry about appealing to a wide audience but rather worry/focus on making that they want to make, the end result is fantastic.

Look at KZ2, it was one of the best MP FPSs of it's time. Then you look at KZ3 and Shadow Fall which both had one thing in common which was the attempt to appeal to a wider audience and both suffered as a result.

GG just has to make a game sticking to their vison without having to worry if it will be popular.

-Foxtrot591d ago


Keyword...SPIN OFF

Not a main game

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