The Switch's Launch Lineup Is Subpar at Best - Somebody call the plumber

A.J. says: "It's been said a million times but as a gamer, all I care about are the games. Although I'm looking forward to the launch of Nintendo Switch as much as anyone else, I must say that the starting selection of games is quite disappointing."

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crazyaejay1673d ago

If you actually read the article, he makes a lot of great points.

wonderfulmonkeyman1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I did, and I still disagree.
I mean, sure, I could get stuff like BoI Afterbirth, I Am Setsuna and others on PS4, but those kinds of games are just as valid a purchase on Switch, to me, as they would be on any other platform.
And since I'm getting a Switch for Zelda, Skyrim, Bomberman, Arms, Fast RMX, and a few others within the first two or three months, I see no reason why I should wait to get those smaller multiplats on the Switch as well.*shrugs*
Many of the ports, as well, are getting new worthwhile content. A LOT of people are getting MK8 on Switch because of how much they missed a proper Battle Mode, for instance.

I don't think it's sub-par. It's not like anyone can realistically play dozens of games at once, so two or three per month that catch my interest is already a great stride forward from Wii U.
March alone has at least 3 that I want, but can't afford right away.XD

iplay1up21673d ago

Biggest open world Zelda EVER, yeah its not sub par. I am not getting one till fall though. I have Wii U, I am going to see what reviews say about the comparison, probably waiting till I get Switch to get BOTW....I spent my Switch budget on XB1, once I saw what was coming out the first 4 months. ONLY because I have Wii U.j

RosweeSon1672d ago

Bad times just traded my Xbox one s and only got it in October for Gears... all the exclusives done Xbozzz. Scorpio all the power in the world aint gonna fix the problem... games! Nintendo see this and have zelda March Day1 Mario Kart End of April Splatoon May? June tops in time for summer and then Mario anytime after July. Not to mention they'll have a pikmin game out I heard 4 was finished. Smash bros port no doubt couple of other Wii U ports AAA game each month and plenty Nindies and others alongside 👍🏻...
Vc Would have been a winner tho for the launch period.

conanlifts1672d ago

Splatoon 2 is not until around August. ARMS is May/June.
For me i want Xenoblade 2, which is scheduled for October/ November.

RosweeSon1672d ago

Ok my bad your right I can see Splatoon is Q3 as for arms like 1-2 Switch I've not really batted them an eyelid I'll have a look maybe once prices drop and reviews come in. However at least each month until Christmas I would say there's a reasonably decent and Big game due each and every month. Makes Xbox last 4 years look laughable.

conanlifts1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

With ARMS it might be a game worth keeping an eye on. I have read a number of opinions and many state they expected it to be a gimmick. In contrast though it is said to have quite a bit of depth. In addition it can be played with a pro controller like standard fighting arena games. Obviously it might still be mediocre or worse, but it's worthwhile tracking its progress just in case.
I expect them to announce smash for Sept/Oct so that it doesn't crush ARMs. As for Pikmin, let's hope this is coming, if so i assume it will be Jan 2018. This seems to be how Nintendo want to shape everything with spacing releases.

iplay1up21672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I am not buying Switch for a MK8 game I already own on Wii U , with all the DLC also I have played it t death . Mario is not until Holiday season. Which is why I am waiting till fall....I have said it before I already have a Wii U, yes I think Switch is going to be awesome, but for a Wii U owner, it offers very little to justify a day one....

Right now, I have GTA5, Gears of War 4, and Ultimate edition, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Rare Replay that has 30 Rare games including, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, PD Zero, ,The Evil Within, METRO REDUX,Star Wars Battle Front, Plus a bunch more.

I knew going into XB1, Scorpio was coming, Day one I got all games above for $323 out the door. So I could have got Switch, with BOTW for just about $380 out the door. For what, though I can buy BOTW, for Wii U, and add it to my XB1 purchase and it would total about the same $380 only I got a TON more games. All of the games I bought are AAA AMAZING games where as Switch FOR A WII U OWNER offers very little to justify a day one.....

If I did not have Wii U It would be day one.

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troll_king1672d ago

Top switch article says launch line up is bigger than ps4 and xbone this one says it's crap , n4g meh

InKnight7s1672d ago

Zelda is the only game in the launch. After 3 month from now nothing will be mention in switch except Zelda what matter fanboys claims. Maybe the remaster kart as well.

conanlifts1672d ago

In 3 months from now there will likely be about 50 games released, including the highest rated game of the year and possibly one the highest ever. Mk8 will also one of the highest rated of the year. What more do you need.