EA using Playstation 3 and soccer stars to promote Fifa 09 in europe

Soccer games are the most popular in europe. Apparently EA had a big marketing push by showcasing a demo of Fifa 09 featuring the players of Manchester United and Real Madrid.

In the promotional video you can see Wayne Rooney and Manchester United against Gonzalo Higuaín and Real Madrid with the Manchester United team made up of Wayne Rooney and 9 of the best football gamers in the world.

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DavidMacDougall5128d ago (Edited 5128d ago )

No 360 to help ...0oh yeah thats right its dead in europe and the 360's old hardware can only run 5 aside

LoVeRSaMa5128d ago (Edited 5128d ago )

He is correct though, the game was created as "Football".

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (French for International Federation of Association Football).

Its in the games name title :D

MaximusPrime5128d ago

for those whose disagree, try researching.

number of words used in wikipedia "soccer" page
Football = over 100 times
Soccer = 20 times.

Football is more common word outside US

TruthBTold5128d ago

Everywhere else who mentions the word football knows they are talking about the greatest sport ever created. I dont understand why americans call Football a game they play with their hands. Anyways we teh world recognize the original football.

Varsarus5128d ago (Edited 5128d ago )

It's foolish for them to call it soccer, in american football, they don't even kick the ball, while in association football, it's feet only, unless it's a throw-in or your the goalkeeper...

Jamegohanssj55128d ago

Actually in American Football they do use their feet to punt, field goal, safety kick and kick it off.

newneto5128d ago

Nice marketing piece. The FOOTBALL atmosphere is unique! This is a sure buy!

BattleAxe5127d ago

Well, looks like the console war will be over in Europe this holiday season.

Vip3r5125d ago

"Actually in American Football they do use their feet to punt, field goal, safety kick and kick it off."

Yeah, same as rugby.

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Darkiewonder5128d ago

that's a really effective ad. Glad to see EA using ps3 this year.

Shadow Man5128d ago (Edited 5128d ago )

EA using Xbox 360 and NFL stars to promote Madden in America.

PirateThom5128d ago

Yeah, this isn't really news, it's logical from a business point of view.

cahill5128d ago

ps3 has outsold x360 this year. 2m vs 1.7m
ps3 sells as much as the x360 in usa.ps3 could win the XMAS based on their strong fall lineup

also ps3 will win in usa by the end of this gen. You are clearly delusional if you believe that x360 will win in USA at the end of this gen

However in europe its ps3 all the way. same goes to Japan(ps3 and wii only)

Jamegohanssj55128d ago

Probably the only time EA's being smart.


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The story is too old to be commented.