Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War $300 Collector’s Edition Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "Check out the contents of this steeply priced Collector's Edition, is it worth it?"

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annoyedgamer2215d ago

That's quite the price tag, something tells me the cost for these collectors editions are nearing a cliff.

Clydefrog892215d ago

How much would you spend on a collector's edition? $80? $150? $12,000? How about $18? This Sunday, Sunday Sunday come on down to the Civic Center between 11:59 and noon to receive your exclusive collector's edition for $17.99!!!!

-Seriously, this is ridiculous!

jerethdagryphon2214d ago

Exactly there getting out of hand

Juiceid2215d ago

It seems the higher the price tag the faster the price drops to clearance.

yeahokwhatever2215d ago

same seems true in almost any shopping category. Just look at the price of a used BMW just a couple years old compared to a new one.

UnHoly_One2215d ago

I used to buy these things and then I realized how useless all of the statues and stuff like that are to me. I don't display them anywhere in my house because my girlfriend and I are the only ones that would get it. Every single person that would come in my house would ask, and I'd have to explain over and over what they were and why I had them, and I'd much rather just have a plain "normal" house and not have to answer questions like that. lol

ninsigma2214d ago

I'd just be like "I'm a video game nerd, deal with it". Lol

UnHoly_One2214d ago

Well, it's less about hiding it, and more about not having anyone to share it with.

If I thought somebody would come in and say "sweet statue of Kratos, I love those games", I would probably buy collectors editions.

But literally every person I know except my girl that lives with me wouldn't get it.

conanlifts2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

? I only display things in my house that either me or my wife get anyway. I don't really care about others opinions, but care about whether i like looking at the statues, items etc. Having said this my friends understand who i am, so they get it. Plus you will be surprised how many people you meet who are closet geeks. It's often a conversation starter for parents who bring their kids around to play with mine.
So i say just display them.

XanderZane2214d ago

No kidding and not worth my $300. I still have the collectors edition for the Lord of the Rings movie DVDs. They have statues and stuff in those as well. I never even opened the box. I didn't pay anywhere near $300 for them though.

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Juiceid2215d ago

That's a very nicely done set, but dayumn! 300 mutha freaking bucks just isn't worth it!

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morganfell2215d ago

I don't care. Put it up for preorder, I dare you, go ahead and its mine.

PapaBop2215d ago

Haha saw this and was like "I need this in my life" then I saw the price and decided that I didn't need it. Looks amazing though, I'd definitely pick it up if the price is right but I won't pay the price of a console for it.

annoyedgamer2215d ago

Just wait, it will be 40 bucks a few months after release.

_LarZen_2215d ago

Yeah I don't care......I'm buying it.

thatguyhayat2214d ago

Same. Just pre ordered it lol it'll look nice on display with my other statues

Hotabang2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

is it up for preorder already? link pls :P

EDIT: found it on amazon uk

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