The 7 Best The Lord of the Rings Games Ever

A huge franchise, but which are the best The Lord of the Rings games for your time and money? Here's our top seven for all formats.

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jznrpg389d ago

Lotr online was pretty fun . Not great but decent

Jiub389d ago

I remember having such high hopes for that game. Alas.

victorMaje389d ago

I remember Battle for Middle Earth 2, amazing game.
Also loved Two Towers & Return of the king.
& Shadow of Mordor was great.
Good list.

Outlawzz389d ago

Never got to play the third age, I vaguely remember the cover art. Maybe I'll give it a shot someday

Cunnra389d ago

“The Lord of the Rings is one of few franchises that the Total War franchise has represented, but did so with both grace and flair.”

Is anyone gonna tell him that it’s not a really game? Kinda embarrassing, makes me think he hasn’t even played his “best” game.

Dwarrior389d ago

I really enjoyed the first BFME game. At some point I became unable to play it. Wouldn't even start. Been many years since I tried getting it to run.

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