Nintendo Switch Battery Test Reveals Some Surprising Results

Beats 3DS and New 3DS in terms of stamina

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bouzebbal2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Who ever judges a console from how long time it lasts without touching it on home screen. This comparison makes absolutely no sense..

"Naturally there are some provisos here; games which really push the hardware are going to drain the battery faster, so don't expect to get the same kind of stamina when you're playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild."
now this is more like it.
i suggest you play the same game (NES or SNES) when the feature is enabled on switch and 3ds and make a comparative video. Or friday compare Zelda on gamepad vs zelda on Switch.

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Yohshida2218d ago

Just like every device ever. Try playing games on your smartphone. It wont even last close to this.

XtreemGamer2218d ago

My S7 edge easily lasts for 6 hours in every intense 3D shooter and its rendering in 1440p. The battery in the switch is really bad compared to phones,this is the sad truth.

Yohshida2218d ago

Comparing a "intense" smartphone game with zelda is just wrong. Also I dont think it can last 6h.

DashMad2218d ago

your's last 6 hour ?? then why my phone only last 2 hour from playing pokemon go ??

rdgneoz32218d ago

@Dash. The shooter doesn't need gps like Go does...

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Nivekki2218d ago


Lol you're full of shit, I've got an s7 and games, particularly more intense games, eat through my battery. There's no way yours lasts 6 hours, anyone who believes that is a fool.

TheLeapist2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

@XtreemGamer your S7 has a 3600 mah battery compared to the 4310 mah battery of the switch. Nice try though.

Captain_Tom2217d ago

LOL mine will. 3 year old Xperia Z3 still lasts 3-5 hours gaming.

Stop buying overpowered phones with tiny batteries.

TWB2217d ago

I guess the newer Android OS could also account to larger/different battery drainage. My Xperia Z2 used to be able to play that 6 hours, or stream 10 hours straight from youtube IIRC, but that was on 4.4.4. Now on the newest available version (and I got a new battery changed into this one), the streaming goes down to 6 hours or less, while gaming would probably be around 3-4 hours? On the older battery, I could maybe game 1 hour, and stream one and a half (it was in such a bad shape, that the heat caused super fast drainage).

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MeteorPanda2218d ago

@XtreemGamer get that diaper changed mate cause you're full of it.

Natversion12218d ago

Lol agreed. My S7 Edge is at 85% and it's on power saving mode and all it's done is sit next to me at work.

feraldrgn2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I was expecting them to play a game or something, not idle on the home screen.
What a terrible test, it's almost clickbait & anyone who just reads the headline will get the wrong idea.

Uken122218d ago

GameXplain did a test on Youtube. With everything on playing Zelda it last 2.5 hours. That is pretty good in my opinion.

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chris2352218d ago

now if they only had a proper it infrastructure and enough ram and all the standards of the industry like a healthy third party support - one could indeed buy a n-product. but the way things are: thanks. pass. gladly.

OrangePowerz2218d ago

Doesn't really matter how long it lasts when it just sits around. What matter is how long the battery lasts when playing games.

starrman19852218d ago

I'm really glad that I know how long I can leave my switch on my desk, not playing anything!

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