PSX Extreme: Falling Stars Review

PSX Extreme writes: "For the most part, it must be relatively difficult to make a role-playing game accessible and even desirable for the younger gaming crowd. By default, it's essentially the most complex genre out there, so all the developer can really hope to do is simplify the concepts and tone down any dark or unsettling aspects. This is what Ivolgamus attempts to do with Falling Stars, but in the end, it falls well short of accomplishing…well, anything. It's slow, stodgy, uninteresting, bland, mechanical, and if you hadn't guessed already, it's not even worth the relatively low price of admission. There are a few intriguing concepts sprinkled throughout this crucially flawed production, but they can't possibly save the adventure from almost complete obscurity. Granted, parents may be hard pressed to find a straightforward, inoffensive RPG for their kids, but without any doubt, there are better options available than Falling Stars. Yeah, it's colorful and everything, and there's a strategic foundation to the fighting, but it's all extremely stilted and unrefined."

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