Insomniac: Sunset Overdrive May Have A Future, With Or Without Microsoft

Insomniac is still passionate about Sunset Overdrive, even if Microsoft isn't.

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FallenAngel1984654d ago

Make it a multiplat title so it has a greater chance at success

Septic654d ago

I hope so. More people deserve to play this. Such a sick game

uptownsoul654d ago

I wasn't a huge fan, but I want as many games to succeed as possible. So if going multiplat keeps this franchise kicking...DO IT!!!

nitus10654d ago

Even though Sunset Overdrive was developed by Insomniac Games which is an independent company it may be possible that Microsoft owns the intellectual property and as such, it would be doubtful that the game could be ported to other platforms without Microsoft's permission. Somehow I very much doubt that Microsoft would give permission to do that.

Jeff257654d ago


At the time they were pitching it many passed because Insomniac wanted to keep the IP for themselves. MS stepped up to the plate and published the first game but Insomniac does still own the IP and can bring out new games on multiple platforms.

That being said I hope they find some way to get the first game released on PS4.

-Foxtrot654d ago


Doubt it. They only went with MS in the end as they would be allowed to keep the IP

DarkZane654d ago


they went with Sony first, but Sony wanted to own the IP. Insomniac didn't want to, so they went with Microsoft who let them own the IP.

Now the awesome thing is, with the first game released and Insomniac owning the IP, they can do whatever they want with it. They can release it multi platform or even make the second game and onward Sony exclusive if they want, or even Switch exclusive.

sampson3121654d ago

nitus10: "it may be possible that Microsoft owns the intellectual property"

Insomniac Games: "We are passionate about that franchise, and we own it, so you may see more Sunset in the future from us," Price said."

why don't people read the article if they want to comment on it?

bouzebbal654d ago

with all due respect to insomniac games, this game is way below what they usually offer.
I think it is a cool first episode of a new IP, but compared to an Infamous Second Son it is not close to be as good.
a second episode would be a good thing though.

UltraNova654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

Hmm, if they need to make SO multiplat in order to ensure the IP's future then so be it.

Off topic: Does anyone else feel that Imsomniac has fallen from grace the moment they went full 3rd party?

They were so highly regarded as playstation only devs and when they made an xbox game that thing that made them special was lost until they made games like the R&C remake and Spiderman (ps exclusives).Then all of a sudden they are back with a bang!

Edit: I m not taking a jab at xbox all I m saying is that it feels, to me at least, that Playstation is Insomniac's natural habitat, where they seem to thrive.

pinkcrocodile75653d ago

Agreed, it's one of my favourite XBOX One games.

I don't care if it goes multi plat but it'd guarantee a decent sales return if they did.

That said, they have already worked on a PS4 exclusive so why not lobby MS for a followup.

Like I said, I'm personally not bothered but either way I'd like to see sequel

bouzebbal653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

i think every independent developer has the right to develop for the console they wish, especially if the manufacturer or publisher invests in the development like it was the case for SO by MS Game Studios.
Yes, PS is Insomniacs natural habitat, like TR or Tekken were previously..
Now they will go back to PS as the only choice they have, proof with Spiderman and Ratchet.


UltraNova653d ago


"i think every independent developer has the right to develop for the console they wish, especially if the manufacturer or publisher invests in the development like it was the case for SO by MS Game Studios. "

Agreed but lets not forget the fact that they wanted to be free and go full 3rd party in the first place.... only to make another exclusive on xbox...doesnt that strike you as a bit odd?

Water under the bridge...they are back at it full steam ahead with PS games and things look brighter than ever for them.

PS: Disruptor remake you said? Hell yeah!!!

653d ago
naruga653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

whatever the game wasnt that good...

dkp23653d ago

Great game needs to be longer and more diverse in gameplay maybe even open world.

darthv72653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I like this game. It's seriously fun as hell. I can understand there is an animosity towards MS and xbox but come on guys... this is an insomniac game and deserved better respect regardless of the platform. It's a shame that more sony fans didnt even give this game a fair shake because they just could not bring themselves to get an xbox to play it.

I hope there is a sequel and I hope it is just as fun if not more fun than the first. Last gen I said that I wondered what sort of game a quality dev like ND or Insomniac could do if they were to do something on a different platform than PS and this was that reality. I was not disappointed in it and it had that Insomniac charm.

It was as if jet grind radio and ratchet and clank got mashed together with all the grinding and shooting involved.

andrewsquall653d ago

@UltraNova Hmm I dunno. For me their first meh game was the Ratchet and Clank All4One game. Didn't like it. Then they followed it up with the Ratchet tower defense one. Then they went multiplatform, with EA of all scum, and the game Fuse that didn't review well at all. Then they started to climb back out of their rut with Ratchet and Clank Nexus :) Most dev studios wouldn't survive such trials and would continue to wither out.

The have always been an independent studio though. And yes it is quite evident they make gold most of the time they work with PlayStation hardware exclusively. The are like wizards with it and their amazing game engine.

InTheLab653d ago

The defense mini game really made the game. Didn't care for the story or forced humor.

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freshslicepizza654d ago

all third party should be multiplatform but for some reason many posters here dont mind nintendo or xbox or pc games going to the ps4. but oddly enough there appears to be a huge list of reasons why its not a good idea when the ps4 loses a title to multiplatform.

uptownsoul654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

@moldybread "but oddly enough there appears to be a huge list of reasons why its not a good idea when the ps4 loses a title to multiplatform."

Really...Well just 1day&13hours ago this very site ran an article showing a PS4 game probably going multiplat. The article had 188 comments. Please show me the comments which contained the "huge list of reasons" you speak of...Here's the N4G link:

Bathyj654d ago

Well you wouldnt have Gears on War as an exclusive if that were the case which X360 owes a lot of its success to.

Hell you wouldnt even have Halo. Bungie were 3rd party until MS bought them, so at least they had the wisdom to recognized Halos potential. The whole Xbox console was built on it.

I find the Xbox mantra Exclusives dont matter so strange, given the console wouldnt even exists today if it wasnt for the exclusives it was able to secure.

And 3rd parties make deals for whatever reason. People arent against the practice, they are against the method used.
In Niohs case the game wouldnt have released outside of Japan, until Sony made a deal.
In Bloodbornes case it was Sonys game, they simply got From Software to make it, like a hired gun.
In Rise of the Tombraiders case, it was accepting a bag of money to crap on the people who made the previous game a success. Do you see why sometimes 3rd party exclusives are acceptable and why sometimes theyre not?

And just to show Im not on a witch hunt and that I think MS are all evil, in the case of Ori and Cuphead, those were small devs and needed money or the game might never be made at all, so while I will miss them and wish I had them, I cant begrudge MS for funding a game and keeping it to themselves, if it would have not existed without them doing exactly that. I would be pinning for vapourware. Thats the case of a 3rd party exclusive done right, much like Bloodborne. Tombraider is not.

Genuine-User654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

No. A third party game completely funded by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo should only be on the platform they desire to put it on.

Edit:@moldybread below
"was no mans sky completely funded by sony? what about nioh? is dead rising 4 completely funded by microsoft? was ryse?"

What's your point and how does that affect what I said?

freshslicepizza654d ago

"No. A third party game completely funded by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo should only be on the platform they desire to put it on."

was no mans sky completely funded by sony? what about nioh? is dead rising 4 completely funded by microsoft? was ryse?

_-EDMIX-_654d ago

Should be? just like all people should have free healthcare and shouldn't have to suffer? What you're asking for is not a simple request it's not even a remotely realistic request.

Have either a realistic view and solution on the matter or don't post.

What you're asking for is basically fairy tales.

One day in my economics Class A student said something similar regarding a specific economical problem in my professor literally said "either find a solution or stop bringing it up"

It's not saying Gamers don't believe in it it's simply saying maybe you need to have a real solution to address it before making it sound as if it's a solvable issue.

So are you going to pay for the development of this game to be on every platform? Doesn't such an idea also leave out developers who cannot afford to make games on several platforms because it's raising the risk?

There's a lot of things missing from your comment, like logic.

The reality is a lot of us know that Bayonetta 2 was likely not going to get made if Nintendo did not step in.

There's a lot of games out there that are only going to sell a specific amount of units so it doesn't make sense to make a version of a game that's not even going move enough units to even justify its existence on some of these platforms you're basically asking companies to lose money.


Also who are you referring to? You're saying some people? Why don't you actually specifically find those users that were okay with it before and not okay with it on specific individual platforms.

What you're talking about technically applies to all fan bases ,you're talking about all Fanboys buddy ,this isn't new it's very moot and questionable as to why you're even posting it other than Salt.


Why don't you actually find those posters and start talking to them and stop generalizing and making up hypothetical situations.

Ron_Danger654d ago


Not to go off topic, but what's with you and lists today??


Nintendo4Lifex654d ago

I've noticed this alot lately.

Sparta07654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

@ Salty, WTF are you on about?
Good job on being the the first D-Bag to comment on here.

Sunset overdrive was cool but the second one ( if there is one ) needs a lot of work.
If Microsoft were smart they would try to keep this exclusive.
But then again it didn't do very well. So maybe going multiplats would be the way to go.

653d ago
IamTylerDurden1653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Games should be on whatever platforms the developer and publisher choose. Xbox owes its existence to 3rd party exclusives. There would be no Xbox without Halo or Gears which started as 3rd party exclusives. Developing for a single platform also improves the potential quality of the game as the dev can fully optimize for that specific hardware.We don't live in a fantasy land where Mario, Uncharted, and Halo can be on every console. Exclusives are business, and business is business. Whether first, second, or third party exclusives will always be a part of the landscape.

You can't cry about exclusives not being fair when Sunset Overdrive potentially goes multiplat, but then still support your console's hallmarks (Halo and Gears) ..

Utalkin2me653d ago


Of course you're not going to reply to uptownsoul.....ROFLMAO

rainslacker653d ago

Kind of hard when that third party is funded by first party.

Insomniac is obviously free to find other they did with EA....but most of their games have been published by console makers....namely Sony.

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babadivad654d ago

This game was super, silly, fun.

vickers500654d ago

Hire a different writer too. Game was great, but anytime anyone spoke was cringeworthy.

1908-PB654d ago

FallenAngel1984--- yeah a steam version and a xbox version should do the trick

Imalwaysright654d ago

Let the port begging commence

Sparta07654d ago

😂!!! I don't see any port begging here.
Game wasn't as good as everybody from the other side makes it out to be.

Imalwaysright654d ago

I was just joking with the guy as he often says these same exact words whenever there is a tiny possibility of a game associated with the playstation brand coming other platforms. Personally, I think that an eventual sequel of this game coming to the PS4, PC and Switch would be great news for gamers.

Sparta07654d ago

You're right. But I think Microsoft wouldn't let this ip go. I could be wrong.

AmUnRa653d ago

Wrong again, nobody is begging here. In the article that Crash is maybee comming to other platform, xbonefanboys where begging as hell.

rainslacker653d ago


Game itself was actually quite good.

The presentation of the characters and how they acted in general was moronic and pedestrian. That's really the only thing which turns me off of the game though.

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sampson3121654d ago

they won't use their own money. Sony would help them out I'm sure.

IamTylerDurden1653d ago


Insomniac is Spyro, Ratchet, and Resistance. You're thinking Sucker Punch.


I actually agree that everything Insomniac has done non exclusive or omitting Sony has been substandard to their usual level of quality. I wanted Fuse to be good, but it was a very mediocre game devoid of any real identity. Sunset by all accounts is a competent game, but not quite as thoroughly good as the Spyro, Ratchet, or Resistance series.

It does seem like Insomniac has a symbiotic relationship with Sony and it seems that their Sony exclusive games are generally of a higher creative quality. The Ratchet reboot showed us that Insomniac still has it, and Spider-man looks absolutely stunning thus far. I'd love to see Sony retain Insomniac as a first party and allow them the artistic freedom of an independent (like Naughty Dog) but i know Ted would never allow that. Regardless, Insomniac is a legend in the game and i look forward to Spidey.

Jaw1love653d ago

THis game is dope. Don't care how I get it just make a sequel

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gangsta_red654d ago

Hopefully MS asks them to do a sequel because it was an extremely fun game..

FallenAngel1984654d ago

Insomniac doesn't need Microsoft to ask them to make a sequel. It's their IP and they can make a sequel on their own.

freshslicepizza654d ago

but any time someone mentions a third party game only on the ps4 to come to another console or the pc its called port begging. funny how that works

gangsta_red654d ago

From the article:

"We asked Insomniac president Ted Price why there has been no movement on a sequel, and he replied, "You'd have to ask Microsoft." But with or without Microsoft's participation, Sunset Overdrive may grind again."

So like I said, hopefully MS asks them to do another sequel for the Xbox.

FallenAngel1984654d ago

In this case in particular Sunset Overdrive wasn't a very successful game commercially, so it doesn't make sense to keep it Xbox One exclusive. They didn't even try poring it to PC to increase the title's audience

gangsta_red654d ago

Who says it wasnt successful? And then who is to say it would have better success outside of Xbox?

It doesnt make sense to make another if the demand isnt there in the first place regardless of what platform it comes too.

XXanderXX654d ago

They own the IP yes but do they have publishing rights to the game

Exvalos654d ago

Correct, all they need is a publisher willing to back them or hell be like cdprojeckt red and self publish

Razzer653d ago (Edited 653d ago )


In every post you are butthurt about something. lol

game4funz653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

How many games has insomniac made without a publisher??

They technically dont need anyone but I am sure MS will be willing to help again without taking away the most other publishers

Where is your proof that it wasnt successful? I know it doesnt seem like it sold well compared to other bigger titles but since when has that been the determining factor? If it gained them profit then it was successful for them.

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FallenAngel1984654d ago

Cuz the game barely even sold a million in its first year of release.

Sure it eventually crossed the million mark but it didn't do so in a timely manner to make it be considered hugley successful new IP compared to Insomniac's past franchises such as Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, & Resistance or even Microsoft's own Halo & Gears of War.

It should go without saying that the game would've been more successful if it had released on more platforms. Over the game's lifespan there was signs of demand, but it was vastly limited by the exclusivity.

ZwVw654d ago

Sunset Overdrive didn't hit other platforms (i.e. PS4) because Sony refused to fund development for the game unless they owned the IP. Also, the game never landed on PC because Insomniac develops primarily for consoles. Their previous IP "Fuse" never landed on PC either.

When you factor in the date in which it was released (right around holiday season stacked against several AAA sequels), Sunset Overdrive performed satisfactory. Especially as a new IP.

Seems more like the issue is that you're upset that the game isn't available for PC.

nitus10654d ago

From VGChrtz Sunset Overdrive sold approx 1.15 million since released. Not a stellar performance but then I would not classify it as a failure either.

BTW. Yes, I know some will say VGChartz is not accurate or biased but those same people are not forthcoming with a site that is supposedly accurate and not behind a paywall. At least VGChartz makes it easy and free to get information from their database.

nevarDcirE654d ago

If it was a failure, it would've been ported to pc asap, no?

Sparta07654d ago

Your quote from the article proves FallenAngel right.
Insomniac doesn't need Microsoft for a sequel. They own the ip.
I just don't think Microsoft would let it go.

gangsta_red653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

What part? The part where Insominiac says to ask MS for a sequel for Sunset Overdrive?

I dont know where people are reading that i said SO couldn't be done without MS.

653d ago
slate91653d ago

Its funny the hate you receive for saying something not even controversial.
Like, you just said "the sky is blue" and FallenAngel said "UGH! The sky is light turquoise with a hint of magenta mixed with maple syrup! You dont know colors!"

gangsta_red653d ago

I wonder about that myself sometimes. But i find it more hilarious than mind boggling.

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Frinker654d ago

Get the first one on Steam

654d ago
Fist4achin654d ago

I thought the sequel was going to be multiplatform. That will ensure higher sales. I dont think the hardcore xbox crowd showed much support bc of their lackluster sales. MS did try though.

gangsta_red654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

Multiplatform games ensure higher sales? I don't believe that's always the case. If it was the case every multiplat game would be a smashing success.

Fist4achin654d ago

I like insomniac games. I dont have an xbox one. I would have bought sunset overdrive. Thats one more sale. Im sure there are plenty of others who were interested, but do not own an xbox one. Thats all im saying.

Not every multiplat game will be a smashing success, but going multiplat opens up to a larger audience than not.

_-EDMIX-_654d ago

I would actually agree with you

the game still has to be good primarily

Sparta07654d ago

Yes and titanfall sold less on the Xboxone so if it didn't come out on the PS4 it would of done a lot worse.

Yohshida654d ago

Titanfall 2 sold way worse, since noone really marketed it and Xbox guys werent pushing it.

Sparta07654d ago

I remember seeing commercials for it all the time. I think they released it at the wrong time. Correct me if I'm wrong I think it came around the same time as battlefield.