Barren by Design - Nintendo's Switch Launch Strategy Is About The Long-Term

Earlier this week, indie publisher Nicalis made an unfortunate announcement. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ wouldn’t be hitting the Nintendo Switch in time for the console’s March 3rd launch. While the game will still be hitting in the same month, it results in the console’s day-one selection being paired down to an embarrassingly slim line up.

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CrimsonWing691676d ago

You can try to spin it however you want, but no saying "it's about the long-term" is utter garbage and simply an excuse. If there's ever a time for a failing console to win people over it's first impressions and quite frankly this is not winning over the consumer base it needs to thrive for that "long-term".

It doesn't matter how many Switch's are sold it boils down to the amount of software it sells that will keep those third parties invested in developing for the platform. Poor sales on games and you'll see devs pull that move EA did on the Wii U. So no, it's not about the long-term this is Nintendo doing what Nintendo does and showing themselves in the foot like usual.