GamersReports: The Force Unleashed Review

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the best Star Wars game to hit retail shelves in a long time. Day 1 Studios really took their time to pull out what makes using the Force so fun, and included it in spades in the game. Of course, that also comes with some problems. It also is much harder to incorporate a compelling storyline into a Darkside-based game, because evil doers are traditionally more bland and stone-hearted.

Well, you will find out, that may not be true always. While the game could have done with a bit more diversity and a few more memorable moments, it is a great adventure game for anyone to play, not just Star Wars fans. It might be a bit short, but you will enjoy every minute of the decadent, evil, force fun. Grab your saber and choose apprentice.

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ape0074070d ago

the force is amazing

sure it has some issues but the amazing gameplay,music,story,and star wars feel overshadowed these minor things

ign,gt and party just nitpicking it cause something went wrong betwwen lucasarts and these sites

badkolo4070d ago

dont worry those sites will show there colors once the gta4 dlc arrives, and give it 15 instead of 10's across the board.

they all lost my respect when they gave gta4 all 10's