Dear Sony: Can Crash Team Racing Be Next In Crash Bandicoot’s Future?

Sony has announced that Crash Bandicoot's grand entry into next gen systems will come on June 30th. That being said, can Crash Team Racing please be next?

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gangsta_red602d ago

You should ask Activision.

naruga602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

no ...Fing no!...if it is to be developped /released by Activision then NO....if Sony aims to buy the IP then yes ..we dont fing want another Crash Nsanity remaster fiasco (where the remasters look trash)

shazow602d ago

How could you think it looks like trash? A lot of people think it looks good and many including myself look forward to it's release. It's an honest question, people can have opinions.

naruga602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

@shazow they look identical to Skylanders from art/visual perspective no matter the efforts form vicarious to look faithfull to the originals s enough for me to dissaprove

sonic989602d ago

i do hope from all of my heart that sony would announce that they bought the rights for crash.
but still looking forward to the n sane trilogy and will be happy with it, nothing is entirely perfect but lets look forward to the future.
I believe jim rayn ( hope i spelled it right ), mentioned things about a complicated deal with activision i dont know how things will develop from there.
lets enjoy what we have a i dont think sony would waste any chance to buy crash back thats my opinion .

sampson3121602d ago

I thought Crash is going to be a multiplat. why ask sony for anything? talk to Activision

-Foxtrot602d ago

It has to be added along with Crash Bash so we can both of them online

You can then select "Mini Games" or "Racing" in the online menu. Oh and if it had customizable characters like in Uncharteds multiplayer where the character you are stuck with (since not everyone can be the same character in this game) will at least be suited to the style you've given them.

Corpser602d ago

Sony doesn't own Crash bruh

Kurisu602d ago

If the N.Sane Trilogy sells well then I can definitely see Activision looking in to this. The PS4 needs a decent Karting game and this would be just the fit. Throw in a track creator as well as plenty of online modes while also keeping the split screen...ahhh damn!

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The story is too old to be commented.