Gamepyre: Madden NFL 09 PSP Review

Gamepyre writes: "Madden XX. No, I'm not X-ing out Madden, I have no quarrel with John; the XX represents the 20th edition of the game.

Yes, the Madden NFL games have been around for two decades. For most of those twenty years the Madden series has improved, but since EA signed exclusive rights to the NFL, with no competition around, the series has started to suffer.

I've heard people refer to the Madden series as a $50 roster update, I've heard others call that $50 the yearly online fee (will be explained in the review). As for me, I'm still waiting for the year where collisions work right. After twenty years, maybe this year, Madden NFL 09 will impress all of us with an actual well-made product. It surely has been publicized enough. In Dallas even 7/11 sells copies of this game. So is the hype for real? Does this year's Madden make up for the unoriginality thrown at us the last couple of years? Will Tony Romo choke again during the playoffs? Will the Cowboys even make it to the playoffs? Only two things are for certain. First, the Cowboys will make it to the playoffs even if I have to set the difficulty on easy; secondly, I feel really sorry for all you PC Madden fans. The 20th anniversary edition of Madden NFL will not be released for the PC; we're stuck with the 08 version. At least I have a PSP and can play Madden 09 on it."

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TheColbertinator4072d ago

Its kinda of a ripoff when you realize that is just the PSP 2000