RealGamer: FlatOut Ultimate Carnage PC Review

RealGamer writes: "It's just FlatOut 2 with better graphics, a couple of new game modes, and more stuff to smash up. It's from the usual breed of for-the-sake-of it semi-sequels that dogs this and so many other genres. It's a perfectly ordinary update for the franchise, with absolutely zero innovation, and demonstrating no real progression of the arcade racing format. The tracks are familiar, the high-octane madness is familiar and the sounds of metal colliding mercilessly with metal are familiar. It's all been done before.

For those unfamiliar with the FlatOut titles, it's a franchise from the Burnout school of gaming where speed replaces precision and big explosions replace the fine-tuning of vehicles. This isn't about a revolution; it's about as close to classic arcade racers as the next gen machines are ever going to get."

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