Mortal Kombat Co-Creator on Possibility of Street Fighter Crossover

If Capcom offered to have NetherRealm make a crossover game, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon said he'd "have to entertain it."

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chrisx878d ago

That would be cool, but it would mean no bloody fatalities because of capcom characters. Just like it was in MK vs DC

CyberSentinel878d ago

Who should I make the blank check out too?

CyberSentinel877d ago

I actually own that series, as well as the Amalgam issues between Marvel and DC and don't forget the DC/Image crossovers like Batman and Spawn.

What I was specifically talking about is a Marvel vs DC video game.

PhoenixUp877d ago

That's not gonna happen

Who'd even be the developer of such a crossover

shayureppa878d ago

I hope this happens! Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat and let it be exclusive to PS4 as that's where majority of the fighting games are at!

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The story is too old to be commented.